Radio remote control for a ceiling light

I have a ceiling light, supplied from China via Amazon.

It came with a remote control which seems to be radio based and can control up to 4 light fittings.

How would I go about finding out if it can be controlled with Homey?
The Amazon listing and a single sheet of paper in the box didn’t give any clues as to what frequency it used or how to pair something like Homey with it.

Here’s the remote I use to control the light. Suspect it might be on the 433Mhz band.

But how do I get Homey controlling the light instead of this control?

What App should i be looking for to connect it?
I was expecting to tap on the Homey App to find a 433Mhz device option alongside zwave & zigbee - but i don’t.

U can try the KlikAanKlikUit app to see if the remote matches any of the template remotes…
If it doesn’t work then you might need to get a broadlink RMPro with the broadlink app or maybe the sonoff RF with the sonoff app…

At first you really need to know what band it uses. You could try and ask that question to amazon or the manufacturer of the lights (Yayong).

You can try to connect it randomly with for instance the Klikaan, Smartwares or Action app (all 433 apps), but that is a lot of trial and error and useless if it isn’t even in the 433 band.

okay, seller confirmed the remote is based on 2.4ghz

Then i’m afraid that at this moment it can’t be connected to Homey as far as i know.

Is there any other intermediate hardware that Homey could connect to in order to then transmit the relevant controls out to the light fitting?

In the same way the Hue Bridge is integrated with Homey.