433 Devices adding works - but not controllable

Hello all,

Just bought Homey as a replacement for my PiMatic setup which was getting a bit weary and not very flexible anymore.

What works for me are my TV (Samsung), Mi-Light setup (4 zones), NEST and SONOS.

What is not working is my remote 433 Mhz Action KlikAanKlikUit devices:
I have three different sets, all thee are recognised and are installed correctly (as it seems). But when I want to controll one of them, it says no controls available.

What am I doing wrong? I used different apps (Flamingo, Action, Elro, SmartWares) All can recognise the remotes. But no controls are available.

You can’t control a remote, it’s an input-only device.

Surely it is possible to SEND 433 Mhz with Homey? Because if not, i’m returning the product…

Yes it’s possible to send 433 MHz signals with Homey.

You added the remotes as devices, instead of the sockets. If you want to switch the individual sockets, you should add them as a separate device to Homey.

The remote devices can be used to e.g. catch a button press in a flow and control any other device connected to Homey.

Wow, I feel really stupid, thanks :slight_smile:

I see now! I thought just to add the remote, and I could use it to press individual buttons…

Even more functions and options than you thought! :smile:

I control lots of things (hue lights, 433mhz and zwave plugs, music etc.) with kaku remotes.

Yes, I did the same with PiMatic --> but it was not very stable (433)

I’m still looking for (reliable and cheap):

I suggest to take a look at the Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee devices, reliable, cheap and a robuste protocol.
And supported by @TedTolboom’s great app: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.xiaomi-mi