Sonof RE5V1C Smart Relay

Hello all,

I am looking to make some older devices (washing machine/ dryer) “Smart” i would like to activate the machine remotly based on the input of my solar panels. I am looking to put a switch over the start button of these machines. Anybody tryed the RE5V1C Ali 5V Smart Relais before? other product ideas are welcome!

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Figured this one out myself works like a charm!

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Could you tell how you did it? Did you use the RE5V1C?
I am looking for something similar

i soldered the 4 cables to flash tasmota on it.

(photo from the internet)

i selected a useful profile ( i think Basic would do for the most of us.)


and added this to Homey with Sonoff app from @robertklep it works like a charm!

Thank you for the explenation. I will look into it how to flas it to tasmota. Could you tell me which software and hardware you use?

Easy tool to flash!

some CP2102

and some jumper wires cut in half to solder on the pads :wink:

all from wel known China express websites…

Thanks, now i can give it a try.

I am currently looking to upgrade this setup, i would like to have feedback on the Washing machine (running/ready) i figured out i could make a signal out from the door lock of the machine. And i am looking to use the same RE5V1C smart relay i have IO2 on there that i could use as an imput. but i am not sure if i can make this work with homey? currently have the RE5V1C running Tasmota and this is et up as basic device. Is there a way fir the tasmota software to broadcast the IO2 high / LOW and the Homey to receive this?

I know i could do this with ESP easy but this would mean i need to swap out the hardware i already have in the machine.