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Action LSC Smart Connect

Does anyone uses these products already?

Or knows if this is possible to built an app for homey :slight_smile:


I think they might be Tuya-based.

And is that an “easy” connection?

There’s already a Tuya app, but I have no idea how generic it is (or how generic these devices are).

Okay, it doesnt look easy haha installing profiles etc. I think i will wait until someone buys it

Omg this is looking very interesting! They have everything!

Motion sensor
Smart socket
Nice filament bulbs
White and colorbulbs
Remote control

Look at lsc-smartconnect.com

As zigbee is a real pain in the ass at this moment, maybe this is the affordable alternative…
Hope someone can make it work with homey!

Edit: it seems to compatible with ifttt and uses tuya. So it should be compatible with the homey tuya app indeed!

I see in the comments that people also mention Tuya for Google Home

Packaging also states that it’s Tuya-powered:

And they work directly with the Tuya mobile app (NOT the Homey app):


Okay, now let’s hope that the Homey App will support the devices like the alarm would be interesting and the motion sensor.


I bought two of the E27 lights with the filamets inside, they work great via the tuya app, and i hope that the support for homey is comming soon👌🏻


These product will save you a fortune if you have amazon or Google ai devices … easy to link up … I have now 9 e27 bulbs 3 e14 bulbs and 2 strips all connected in a matter of minutes … all this cost cost less than the phillips hue starter kit


As this a homey forum, so its about intergration with homey.

But maybe i missing your point :thinking:

Can you explain how you did this? I can’t get it working

I tested with the smart power plug:

  • open the TuyaSmart app (I tested on iOS)
  • press “Add Device”
  • make sure the “Add Manually” tab is selected (it is by default, at least for me)
  • choose “Socket” in the “Electrical Engineering” category
  • place the plug into a power socket (the blue light around the button will light up)
  • press the button on the plug for about 10 seconds, until the blue light flashes
  • in the app, press the red button to continue
  • enter your WiFi credentials, then “Confirm”
  • at the point, the app will start looking for the device and pair with it

I also just added the motion sensor, which can be added as “Security & Sensor > Sensor” (although even though it’s recognized as an intruder alert sensor, it doesn’t seem to trigger, so I’ll have to check what’s going on there it looks like the sensor has a grace period of 5 minutes, so when it triggers it will wait 5 minutes before looking for motion again, I guess to limit battery usage).

And lastly: the RGBWW (E27) bulb also works.


Did you test it with homey ?

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No, I didn’t.

Ahh, okay, I thought you managed to get it working with Homey. But thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

It would be nice if it works with Homey !!

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I see that I should have been more clear that I got it working with the mobile Tuya app, not the Homey app :sweat_smile:

It would be nice if there would an app for these devices