Steady connection with Action's LSC lights & Hue motionsensor

Dear readers,

A week ago or so, I managed to get the LSC lights working through the Tuya app. I also have a motiondetector by Philips Hue that does its work just fine. It’s just that every now and then it just stops working. The motion detector seems to keep on working, but the light just doesn’t turn on anymore as if the connection between the 2 broke. I actually had to restart the homey to get everything running cause it seemed to break connection with all of my devices later that day. There are no other flows active on this light.

Anyone has an idea as to why this is happening?

Kind regards!

Maybe its good to add that it does deactivate the light by flow. So it seems to registrate the light.

I could be the Hue sensor.

I can tell you that the Hue motionsensor works very unreliable.
I have one direct connected to the Hue hub with a hue bulb but even then the motionsensor
sometimes does not turn the light on or it starts the bulb in nightscene (while it is mid day).

Therefore I am switching to Neo Coolcam sensors.


Thanks Peter,

I bet the motionsensor might be a bit faulty, but it’s actually functioning well. I can’t seem to turn the light on manually from the homey app. From the tuya app I still can. So it seems to be going wrong between the homey and the light unless the motionsensor is the one breaking connection ofcourse.

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Hi Roy,

Thanks, I’m new so Ill keep that in mind next time :).

Firmware: 4.2.0
Flow activating light:
The faulty lightbulb:

Hope it helps!