Simulate a RF remote signal to control unknown receiver

I have a Yphix RF Led dimmer that should work with an RF remote.

Problem is that I:

  • do not have such rf remote and
  • Yphix is not recognised as a device in Homey

How can I connect it. to Homey? Can I simulate a RF remote, bind it and use that signal in Homey?

If there’s no app for it, there’s not much chance.

You could try a Broadlink RM4 pro (plus). That one can really learn and send RF and should be controllable with Homey.

Thank you for your reply, but how can I learn the Broadlink something without having the remote?

seems that Sunricher remotes such as : 4 Zone Wall Mounted Push Button RF Dimmer Controller SR-2853-K8-DIM
should work.

How can you get the signal timings without having the actual remote? should that be documneted somewhere?

Sorry, missed that somehow :joy:
An actual signal to copy would be handy indeed

Maybe Yphix == Sunricher, but that’s a wild guess
(I found the Sunricher button’s operation Frequency = 869.5/434MHz, just some info what might come in handy)

BUT, I think this should work:
Or maybe one of these:


I’d say it’s likely that no Smart Hub would natively support it. There’s just too many 433Mhz devices out there to keep up.

Presuming they are all coded with the same your best bet is to buy a remote control and then learn the codes from it.

Unfortunately Homey cannot learn RF codes even though it has the actual physical RF hardware to be able to do it. Athom for some reason just won’t enable this capability I won’t go into detail on it as many on this forum are probably bored of my “ranting” on about it but if you read enough threads over the last 5 years you’ll find out what the deal is about this.

To get around your particular issue I’d recommend you buy a remote (as I mentioned before) and also buy a Broadlink RF/IR bridge.

Connect the Broadlink to your Homey. Then get it to learn your remote control. From there you can get it to transmit and receive signals to your curtain controller.

Yup… , The Homey you purchased has a 433Mhz transmitter/receiver in it but you will have to do this instead I’m afraid…:woozy_face: