Pair with Hoftronic SR-1009 remotecontrol


Just bought the Homey Pro, it is great :). I connected some things and works fine but…

I have 2 dimmers from Hoftronic (SR-1009SAC) and a remote control SR-1009 series (5-Kanaals RF LED afstandsbediening softkey - HOFTRONIC LED groothandel).
Via Apps voor Homey Pro there is no “Hoftronic” found. So it isn’t compatible with Homey :(.
Is there a way that I can pair this remote control with Homey?

Greetz, Ferdi

Welcome to the Community,

the remote uses Frequentie: 2.4 GHz … but nothing further specified. That is just a frequency that also is used for WiFi, BlueTooth Zigbee and some others.
Does look like something: as SR-1009 so probably not possible unless you buy a WiFi Transmitter AND you build an integration (webhooks if possible) or App for it.

As I see the various Sunricher Dimmers and the SR-1009SAC I suggest it is probably easier and cheaper to replace the SR-1009SAC Dimmers with Z-Wave or Zigbee Dimmers compatible with Homey.

Thank you for the fast reply Dijker! :).
I will buy a Zigbee dimmer (output 230v), that is indeed the most simple solution :).

So, for sale:

  • 2 x SR-1009SAC dimmer
  • Hoftronic remote control SR-1009

:slight_smile: :laughing: :wink: