Sending RF Signals for Generic Device

I’m looking at lightswitches and I’ve found a few that use generic RF remotes?

I’ve seen threads on the old forum discussing this but just wondering if anyone has actually solved this?!

If I buy one of these is there an easy way to record the signal, then add it as a device in Homey?

In short: no. Homey needs specific signal definitions, which have to be part of an app.

But it might be possible to use an additional device with Homey support, like a Broadlink RM (which is explicitly mentioned on the page for the Hartington Heath device), to get these devices working with Homey.

Thanks for the response.

I guess to connect the broadlink would just require the broadlink app…
Any ideas what is the transmission distance of RF?

That depends on a lot of factors. I don’t have any experience with the Broadlink devices so no idea how well they perform.

fair enough. Just wondering if it would work if i whacked it under the stairs which will be around 2 stud walls away (3-5m ish)

Should be fine. I have mine in a cabinet and activate the RF curtains 3 rooms away with no issue. distance maybe around 8m with walls in between.

Perfect - thanks :slight_smile:
Sounds like that I Lumos with a broadlink might be the way to go!

If Homey ever is able to detect and repeat signals then maybe one day the broadlink can go!

Viix, are you using the broadlink?
Do you know if it reports status? I.e. if someone manually switches the switch will it/homey know?

It doesn’t report status. So you will not know if it was on or not.

Ah, that’s a bit annoying…
Might need to look at another option then…
Any thoughts??