Lost control of apps on Homey Bridge

Notised my flows wasn´t working, so I checked the Homey app, and when trying to start the functions, I got this message: Missing OAuth2ConfigId.
Hade the Shelly Smart Plug installed since a week or two. Couldnt control them anymore this morning.
I have installed the Homey Bridge yesterday, so might this interfear with the connection?
I have activated the 2FA authhentication

The title of your post (or your post itself, for that matter) is not very clear.

If your issue is with Shelly, look in the relevant thread on the forum, specifically this post.

Thanks, sorry for beeing unclear.
I think I have the reason for the problem. Shelly is working, but when connecting it to Homey (First only cloud) it worked fine, but when I received the Bridge yesterday, and started it up, the apps and flows stopped working. So I will start by reinstalling them tonight “on” the Homey Bridge.

The Bridge doesn’t run any apps, and the Shelly app also doesn’t use the Bridge in any way. Your problem is likely something caused by something else :frowning:

I had exactly the same issue today with my shelly and homey bridge. I did a restart via developer.homey.app/ and that did resolve the issue. The bigger issue is that homey beta remains unstable, every week another device is not working… Hopefully things will get fixed soon…

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Hi Peter2.
Ok, me and computers, and programming, are not friends… :slight_smile:
Please explain, I was looking at that page, but did not come to any conclusion…

Sorry the URL is a bit different, it should be: https://tools.developer.homey.app/

Than go to connection tab, and at the bottom of that page you can do a cloud restart.

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Hi Peter2.
Thanks, I did find it. :slight_smile:
In my case:
System Menu
Connection Athom Cloud
Bottom of page → Restart.

Hi there,
I also have the problem with Shelly. Now the Shelly app has disappeared from me. When trying to install it again, I get the message “Max Apps reached”. I only installed 3 apps! Can someone help?
Greetings Ulf

Please follow the Homey Beta Status page:

Hello Robert,
Thanks for the hint. I hope the bug will be fixed quickly. Best regards, Ulf