Wifi & Zigbee issue - Missing 0Auth2Configid

Hi everyone,

I’m a homey bridge user.

All in a sudden 2 days ago half of my house failed, specifically all shelly wifi devices and zigbees devices.
I managed to have back the most of the zigbee devices (not all of them) but i can’t figure out what to do with my shelly.

I got this error in homey app when trying to interact with them. Missing 0Auth2Configid
Also the flows involving this devices don’t trigger.

The shelly devices works properly on shelly own app so seems to be just an homey issue.

i tryed to reboot the bridge, also unplugging it for several minutes but nothing changes.

Does someone has some useful suggestion?
Thank you


Re-installing the Shelly app might help
Known issues:

The bridge does not interact with Shelly at all. It’s cloud to cloud connected.

Thanks! i figure out how to re install the app on the bridge

Apps are installed in the cloud, Homey Bridge doesn’t run any apps or app code. It’s really a “dumb” device.