IKEA tunable GU10’s keeps dropping out

I’m new to Homey and have just migrated most of my bulbs, wall switches and outlets from Smartthings. In addition I’ve replaced some Smartthing-legacy products (sensors, buttons) with IKEA stuff and also completed my home with some IKEA Trådfri bulbs. All bulbs from IKEA works fine except for a few GU10’s that seem to keep dropping out from connection with Homey. That is: it is recurring one or two out of 6 - and never the same bulbs that I find unreachable by Homey. No exclamation mark in the app, the device is simply not able to reach. Only solution is to restart the bulb by switching power off/on, allowing it to reconnect. -Anyone here that has met this problem? What might be the cause?
The bulbs in question are well in reach from both Homey and closest Zigbee repeating device. They are all part of two individual ceiling spot lamps, meaning they are mounted in groups of 3 with short distance in between. -Could the short distance cause a problem? Tried to restart IKEA app, no change. Rebooted Homey, both ’soft’ and by cutting power, no imorovement. Homey is running on latest firmware.

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Hi, did you found a solution? I’m having the same issue here.

I’m having a similar issue but with the bulbs connected via the ikea gateway
The problem occurs everytime a new firmware is loaded and yes this happens with some bulbs not all and never the same indeed
Only power off/on helps.

Homey doesn’t have the ability to update IKEA firmware directly, so perhaps yours is a different issue (it’s not entirely unexpected that a device needs a “hard” reset when it has received new firmware).

You are probably right, although the symptoms look similar

No I gave up, created a workaround by buying a Trådfri Gateway which I am controlling with my Homey. Now all IKEA trådfri bulbs are running stable and response seems to be more direct as well. If you choose to do the same, just ensure your Homey mesh is not running on same channel as the Ikea Trådfri mesh do (channel can be changed in the https://tools.developer.homey.app/ interface for Homey ).

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Channel.11 :roll_eyes: