IKEA Tradfri GU10 timeout - unresponsive

I have paired the turnable GU10 lights by IKEA but after sometime I can’t do anything with them, they become unresponsive and I get error: "Something went wrong addressing device IKEA light (Timed out after 5000ms). I paired two times already, reinstalled IKEA App and even tried Beta. No help. After some time lights become unresponsive. What can I do??? Ps. its good wifi coverage and Homey is not far. THANKS!

There was issue with ZigBee network in latest update and after couple of restartings of Homey it seems to be working now…

Had the same isue here. But have hue lights and ikea lights in the same zigbee network. Now I have changed that. Ikea gu10 on the hue bridge and hue light direct on homey. Till now (almost 2weeks) no problems, before i had to reboot once a week because the time out errors.

I have the same problem, problem keeps returning… also after reboot…

Luckly I had Philips Hue Hub and I have added Ikea lights to that hub and it works great! After that just add Hub lights to Homey. I had to restart Homey every day for Ikea to work but this is best solution!

It was working fine but after the latest release (1.5.12) the bug showed up.

Same here. It was working perfect, but now the Ikea lights are unreliable :disappointed:

Still having the same problems, even after the latest update from the Ikea app and Homey.

Is there an update on this issue?

Update from Athom Support:
We have analyzed the problem over the past couple of months and it seems like this issue is being caused by a “bug” in the Zigbee part of Homey (the protocol that is being used by the Ikea lights).

To solve this “bug” the development team needs to “rewrite” this part in Homey, which needs a lot of development. Our first focus right now is to release version 2.0 of the Homey firmware and the new mobile app.
Once these are completed the development team will start working on resolving this “bug” as soon as possible.

I can understand that it is a bit frustrated that this issue is still occurring, but we promise that it is very high on our priority list to resolve this as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Athom Support

Hey guys! Any timeline set for correcting this bug?

there is no, and never will be, timeline for anything with homey.
We have not heard anything about the zigbee stack (started) being rewritten unfortunately, you’ll have to contact Athom support for more direct information, as they don’t read/respond on this community forum

Asked the same question, and received the following answer yesterday:



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@Caseda and @Munnikie,

brilliant, thanks for that! Here’s waiting. Until then, I might think of making a script that auto restarts HOMEY each night at 3am… that brings the network back to life for 24-48 hours usually.


Does anyone know if this ever got resolved. I just got a homey a couple weeks ago and I have around 40 Ikea Tradfri lights but they are very unreliable. Specifically in combination with Siri control. But even in the homey app I don’t always get the right status from the light or they don’t respond at all. Not sure if the zigbee stack would fix that as this could also very well by the Homeykit/Siri API that is not working.

I don’t know if you’ve read the other post about this but are you using the IKEA Tradfri Gateway? I had the same problems with the timeouts and unreliability, but then I bought the gateway and this fixed all the problems for me.

Is this still a problem, and if so, is it just the IKEA GU10 lamps, or all IKEA lamps?
I have some IKEA-lamps, and they are working fine, but I have no GU10.
But I now need some, so is it better to buy some other brand, like Innr, or other?
Or is it just if you have many ZigBee-devices, there are problem? I am not up to so many yet, but will soon be…

Yes it is still a problem, and it is not restricted to specific tradfri lamps.
The issue is in the Homey Zigbee stack, that needs to be rewritten.

I experienced this bug also a few times in the past. But the last few weeks (or months even?) it did not happen anymore with me (knock on wood).

And id did not only happen with the GU10 Tradfri bulbs, but also a few times with an E27 1000lm bulb. Philips Hue never had this, altough also directly connected to homey via Zigbee. So is it really a Zigbee issue?

Anyways, conclusion for me is that everything is stable for me at the moment

Have to think then.
Read another thread where they had problem routing with Trådfri GU10 when maximum connected devices were reached: Maximum number of zigbee devices reached?
There they bought some Innr-lamps, seems like its fine. So maybe Innr is better.
The only thing is that the price is over double for Innr White lamps, same spec, compared to IKEA. And Hue, same spec three times expencive.
And if you need a couple of them, it will be money of that.
IKEA has released a new GU10, Ambiance: https://www.ikea.com/se/sv/catalog/products/90408603/
Price-difference is the same sompared to Innr and Hue Ampiance lamps. And that AMbiance light is just 2/3:s of a Innr White…
Just looks like IKEA have problem in production. Delivery time changed from May to June, and now to July. And if they extend it all the time, maybe longer… Really need things sooner.
So thats why I am thinking about what to do. Take some cheap IKEA White, maybe they will work, or go for another brand.
Any suggestions or tips?

I have 15 Ikea GU10 white bulbs and connected them to my Philips Hue bridge, works good and more reliable then connecting them to Homey direct.
One advantage is that if Homey is out you can still control your bulbs with the original Philips Hue app and also with the google home mini by voice.