IKEA Trådfri Water Leakage Sensor Badring!

Hey Homeys!

I just found out that IKEA now has a moisture sensor named Badring with Zigbee protocol.

Has anyone tested it with Homey?

The price is as low as 99 SEK (about €9) and it’s driven by a single AAA-battery which I love (I hate units with those expensive specialty batteries).

I can see myself buying several Badring if they work with Homey! Under the dishwasher, under the kitchen sink, the fridge and freezer, bathroom, where the water mains enters the house and so on. :smiley:

Typically it’s fairly easy to predict: if the IKEA app doesn’t support it, it won’t work :man_shrugging:t3:

What do you mean that it isn’t supported by the IKEA app? It says clearly in the description that it works with the DIRIGERA-hub, therefore with the IKEA app. However there is still not any support by the Homey IKEA-app yet. But hopefully it will come soon. I tried to add it as generic Zigbee-device but as expected it doesn’t work.

Which app do you think I meant, given that this is a Homey forum?

Sorry, totally misunderstood you. :sweat_smile:

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I have one too, but it’s not available in the app. I’ve just submitted a request to support to have it added. It would be great if you could do the same, to increase the chances of it being added if multiple people request it.

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Please try adding it as a generic zigbee device and report back what happens.

Hey guys!
I bought a BADRING sensor today and was able to add it easily with the Tradfi app. (pairing button must be pressed 4 times within 5 seconds)

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That’s great news handras! Have you tested it for functionality?

Also, can you describe where the sensors are located? Even post a picture maybe?

I’m always looking to mod things I buy, and my thoughts for Badring is if it’s possible to detach the moisture sensors from the unit itself. That way the moisture monitoring can be placed in confined spots and the main unit can be placed where it’s easy to service it (i.e. change battery, re pair it if Homey has lost contact with it and so on).

Works great now in the Homey Ikea-app. However I wonder why there isn’t any battery indicator in Homey for this device? When using it with Ikeas own hub and app it can show battery. How come Homey cannot show this?

It’s the same deal with IKEA Trådfri motion sensor. In the device icon (in the web GUI) it shows 100 % battery but when I click on it and chose to see battery status I get this:

I have no idea why…

When we wrote a driver for another Zigbee device, we found that when writing the application, special care must be taken to display the state of the element. So it’s not Homey’s fault, but the developer’s “fault”.

With Zigbee devices in particular, it can take a little longer for the battery status to be displayed.
If the status is still not displayed after one or two days, you can report this to the app developer.

I took pictures of the sensor for you.
Its placement can be interesting, for example, with a washing machine, so that we don’t step on it…

Thank you so much handras! Nice pictures! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can clearly se the two metal probes on the bottom. Those are what I’m thinking of detaching from the “chassis” of the unit and soldering cables to. This way I can do a really slim probe unit that can be placed under say the dishwasher and placing the main unit in an adjacent cupboard for easy access to change battery and/or do a re pair to Homey.

Probably the way to go! The question is whether it can be disassembled without destroying it.

I guess it’s not needed to disassemble the sensor. The wires/probe can be soldered at the two metal “buttons”. The solder joints can then also be sealed.

Btw, maybe this can also be helpful to monitor an area: Leak Detection Cable (AliExpress)
But it’s not that cheap.

I’m never scared to take things apart. If they have been assembled they can be disassembled. :smiley:

Of course, sometimes it takes destructive force…but there is glue and in this case it’s so cheep that I can take the hit just to know if it’s possible to do the mod.

I’m thinking it’s dependent of if there is a specific resistance in the buttons and between them that triggers the alarm. Testing is needed.

Unfortunately the nearest IKEA to me is quite far, so I need to have other errands there to motivate going there. IKEAs web shop here in Sweden is weird in that super random things is not eligible for shipping for some non explained reason. Badring is one of those. :thinking:

I don’t think it’s that complicated. If a connection is made between the two “buttons”, e.g. by conductive water, a wire or a nail, then the circuit is closed and the alarm is triggered. Therefore it depends on the medium that connects the two “buttons” in my opinion. This medium must be electrically conductive.
The only thing I can think of that might not be so easy to realize is that the “buttons” are made of a material, or possibly coated (rust protection), that the “buttons” have to be pre-treated (e.g. sanding) so that a wire/probe can be soldered on.

But of course, do some tests and please let us know your results.

I think you are correct sir…and my guess is just that…that the buttons are a b*tch to solder to. Both due to the material itself but also that they basically are heat sinks and you would need quite a bit of heat to get the solder to stick…probably resulting in the seat for the buttons in the plastic cover to melt.

I promise to update the thread when I have got my hands on a few Badring. I might take a while though due to what I wrote in my previous post.

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