Idea was updated to Not Set

I suggested a brand (Stelpro) thermostats that I have several of and rely on extensively. I received a message stating that my idea was updated to “Not Set”. What would that mean?

If you provide a link or source, maybe we can figure out what you are talking about?

A link or source to what? I used the official “request a brand” form, listed the brand, model number and a photo of the item. Then a couple days later received an email saying it was updated to “not set”. I’m just wondering what that means?

Most likely that Athom will not put any effort in supporting the requested brand/device, and leaves it up o the community to do that.

Interesting, when searching for Search results for "Stelpro" | Homey , no results.
Now I submitted two brands, I can find them but don’t see them listed.
Seems it’s somehow broken.
Also MY IDEAS button do not work.

I couldn’t find it when I searched either… I typed the brand into the request field as if I were going to request it again and it appeared on the right in the “something similar” area… Its a little disheartening, I just spent nearly $1000 for 2 homey pros. When researching Homey, it seemed like they had a robust desire to expand the device compatibility. They are supported in smartthings.

Maybe you should ask Athom what “Not Set” means. This is a community forum and your posts, questions and suggestions will usually not be read by Athom.

Oh, ok… I thought this is where I would ask the question and Athom monitored and contributed. Sorry… Would you know where would one find a method of asking Athom directly?

The “Ideas & Suggestions” category will probably be more or less monitored by Athom, but I guess only to note down ideas and suggestions. However, I have never seen a reaction from Athom in this category.

But there is still community, which might help.

I see you have not created inquiry there, so you might try.

Hi Sharkys, I did create an inquiry on the device request site, the result was the email saying that the status was changed to “not set”. I was unsure what “not set” meant, hence this chain. when I tried to search for the request, I had no results but when I began to request it again, my previous request appeared to the right of the page with a header stating “found similar”… I followed your link and added a request again, I hope I’m not over stepping by duplicating a request.

There is much bigger chance, that you will motivate some Community developer rather than convincing Athom to develop it and if eg. given company is not keen on such cooperation, than the probability is close to 0. That’s why when I was in similar situation to you, I choose Raychem, which after all showed even active support and willingness to get incorporated on the platform together with big help of Community developer evdpol - [APP] SENZ-WIFI (nVent Raychem) - #19 by evdpol. Maybe you might have such luck also with Stelpro, depending what exactly you need.
But in any way, get ready for months of waiting.


I hear you there! I originally chose Stelpro because they seemed to be motivated to be part of the home automation world and they were the only one that I could find that would control line power specifically for controlling baseboard heaters, (“The Stelpro KI is the first Z-Wave thermostat in North America to work with line voltage, with a 2-wire connection to the heater”.), (“This thermostat is Z-Wave Plus and UL certified. Works with SmartThings, Vera, HomeSeer, Nexia and Wink”). This statement is what, ultimately, convinced me to chose Stelpro:
“The KI thermostat for the smart home is the first ever Z-Wave line voltage thermostat in North America. KI thermostats can easily be integrated into the Z-Wave network of your home, allowing you to adjust the temperature in rooms of your home from a distance. The Z-Wave technology also allows you to activate scenes, setting in motion several actions such as adjusting the temperature and lighting, activation of safety and entertainment systems and more. For factory assistance on parts, installation, or service , please call 1-844-STELPRO (783-5776) or email Stelpro at elec. tech@stelpro with nature of problem and Stelpro will acknowledge and reply within 24 hours.”

Judging by that, I would assume they would be willing partners for developing or assisting in developing compatibility with other “smart platforms” like Homey… They don’t have an app, so maybe just the basic z-wave function ability is detailed enough to run as a “generic” thermostat? I will look into Raychem, but these Stelpro thermostats have been operating flawlessly for 5 years in my smartthings environment. I haven’t had one single problem with them at all, they are the most stable devices on my network, which is good because they are in critical areas. If they were to “hiccup”, or fail it would be catastrophic in my application!

I could not make that up from your initial question, Ron!
Also the “request and wait” form is quite new :wink:

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Thermostats will not work as “generic” devices. Maybe on/off, but nothing more.

Hi Peter, I’ve heard the “request and wait” part before… I guess I’ll just have to wait too… feeling a little foolish now, it seems that I didn’t research homey’s compatibilities well enough before making the decision to migrate from smartthings.

Hi DirkG, Thank you for that, I didn’t know. Since Stelpro doesn’t have an app, the platforms that they are compatible with must have created the “drivers” then…

To be honest, it’s not that easy for those who are interested or beginners.

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Hi Ron,

I don’t see Stelpro listed indeed.
So I made a request for Stelpro, and it does show initially, but does not appear in the main listing. Repeating it did not make a difference.
I also didn’t got any email notification, so the site is broken imho.

Screenshot: It seems to be saved, but doesn’t show in the listing

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Yeah, reported that to Athom already but…

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