[Requests] Official Homey App and Device Request

If you searched the Homey Appstore and didn’t find the App or Device you wanted,
There is a new Response: (Don’t know if this is Experimental from Athom :wink: )

No Results

We didn’t find any apps matching your search.
You can always request a brand


So Click there: https://request-a-brand.homey.app/

Click [ Sign_Up/Login ] to that site to use your Athom (Homey) Account!

Search for the Brand/Devices you are missing if someone reported it before!!!

Add your Comment (fe For different Devices on a existing Brand Request)
and/or Vote UP with the Up ^ Arrow before the Request. (It turns Blue for your vote)


( Or Click thru to see the Requested brands :wink: )

Community App requests

For Community App requests, stil use the Topic we already use since october 2018 :wink:
here: Homey Pro Community App Requests
(Read the opening Topic carefully, Search for existing Requests, and use the provided Template if you want to add your own Request with as much as possible information! )

Pls don’t ask here in this Topic for New Apps/Devices! This topic is only for information about this new place to Request Athom for new Apps/Devices.


Nice find! Didn’t see it before.

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Seems to be another forum :-))

I wonder how it will be kept managed.

Not really a forum, How FeedBear Works: The Easy Way to Collect and Manage Customer Feedback is a

With FeedBear, you can create a community for customers to contribute to product development and stay updated about product changes.
You get a single place to collect all ideas and feedback from customers, users and team members.
You can use simple tools to prioritize feedback and understand what customers really want.

With only Brands as Topics it will be pretty limited but give good indication of number of users requesting something.

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That was kind of sarcastic comment from me - I mean - it will be depending on how Athom will pickup this. And which inputs/requests customers/users will bring.

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I like the Roadmap Example of FeedBear

On top buttons for Request Filtering a couple of buttons:

[Brands] [General Ideas] [NewCommunityAppRequests] [CommunityAppFeatureRequests]

  • Brands is the Current FeedBear
  • General Ideas (New Ideas with a Possible Link to a Community Topic)
  • NewCommunityAppRequests to support the current [Requests] Homey Pro Community App Requests
  • CommunityAppFeatureRequests to Support Active Community Developers with a (FeatureRequest) List based on their current AppID for a Published App.

Just my thoughts as Athom probably already uses the Enterprise plan :wink: