Homey.app website search is not reindexing, but I can't find any way to notify them


The search on the official Homey website does not include results for a lot of app that has been added lately (this includes an app I’ve made), making it almost impossible to find it after they disappear from the “recently updated” list. As there is no email-address registered for contacting Athom, I’m posting here in hope that someone from Athom will see it.

Examples of non-searchable apps:
https://homey.app/en-gb/app/com.github.alydersen.hdl-smartbus-homey/HDL-SmartBus/ should be searchable by both “HDL” and “SmartBus”.
https://homey.app/en-gb/app/se.emilohman.nibe/Nibe/ should be searchable by “NIBE”, but is not.

Could anyone at Athom look into this or someone with a contact there let them know?


The development team is aware of this. Spoke with one of them earlier this week.


FYI you can contact Athom using https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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