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Tado - Token cannot be refreshed

Hi all

I lost connection with one of my Tado thermostat, and tried to re-connect it, but when I try I get the message: Token cannot be refreshed

Anyone with a good idea?

Got this very often. Remove app and reinstall helps. Maybe anyone have an idea why TaDo gives very often the message that token cannot be refreshed?

It broke again with me too, this time only 1 of the two devices. I thought it was fixed with version 3…
Pretty sick of it, since after reinstalling the broken link devices, I have to update my flows since those are broken as well, I do not want to replace my thermostat, but this is becoming quite annoying now. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

edit: the no_mobile error/bug is also back trying to add the 2nd device