Tado: invalid refresh token (expired)

can’t manage my thermostats anymore. I’m on Tado version 1.0.8 on Homey (early 2019)
Anyone encountered and fixed this before? I got many thermostats and many flows and like to avoid reinstallation…

This can help: logon the My tado site.
I once solved it this way.

Read it here and tried it already - to no avail. This is really stupid. Sent a message to support but it seems they’re still asleep

Have you tried to do a Repair on one of the devices as that will log in to tado again?
From the web app, right click on a tado device tile and select repair, from the phone app, long press on the device tile to open the device, then tap on the gear in the top right corner, then tap on Maintenance and then Try to Repair.

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This did the trick. I wasn’t even aware of the repair feature

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