Which one would you choose if you see the following two products?

Hi Guys, we are planning to issue a new smart thermostat, could I know which design do you prefer?

Can anybody help us… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I prefer A, but I’m sure many people will agree and disagree :grin:

Agree with A!

Hi @Andy_Chen ,
I would prefer A, too.

But tell us who you are (company). Will you take care of integration in Homey?
And do we get a rebate for the first order or why shall we help you deliberately in your product development? :grinning:

B unless you use the squares in A as extra smart-buttons :smiley:

And as I am outnumbered: which shape is better: circle or square? | CivFanatics Forums :grin: :grin:

Haha yes, I also posted this on Homeassistant forum, all of them choose B :joy:

Thank you for your voting :slight_smile:

Hi DirkH,
Thank you for voting!
We are actually a Chinese manufacturer, so we will not sell products to end users directly. We usually sell them to our European customers, for sure, this product will be integrated with Homey.
But yes, you give us a very good question: why you should help us? If we sell this directly to the end user, I think I can send you a thermostat for free. So, let’s find a way to do something for you. Do you have any idea?

Hi Hielke,
The circle display is also a button, you can press it to process more operations.
Thank you for your voting :slight_smile:

Make also a rectangular version for italian 503 format :blush:

Thank you, it was more a kind of joke, as we do not do more that telling the preferred shape.

It would be more an issue, when there are more inquieries, which look more like promotion than interacting on equal terms.
When the product is in the market and you really want to send us a few items, tell us. Then we can send you our addresses as private message. :grinning:

Also for testing :slight_smile: At least 2 developers for Homey-apps in the testgroup could help.

The dimension is 115x115mm, so it can be used for 503 format, but still comes as a square shape.

Yes, it does look like a promotion since I was just scolded by someone on Reddit.
I realize that to some extent, it’s indeed a problem and unfair to the voters. I don’t think the person who scolded me did anything wrong, but I do realize that there are areas where I could have done better.
One thing for sure, even though we’re not the brand, I’ll still send you a thermostat for free. (Of course, this might take around 6 months as we’re still in the design phase discussion.

Are you sure you want to create a copy of the tado° display layout?
You used it for the mockup as it seems



Thank you for your comment. From the perspective of the LED matrix, yes, it does look somewhat like Tado. However, the use of an LED matrix display has been adopted by others before Tado, so choosing this screen/style inevitably creates a similar impression. Of course, we also try to avoid being too similar to any particular brand, so if you have suggestions in this regard, we’d be happy to discuss further with you.

Yes, we have several software developers for this.

Two votes for A

From you and your friend?