Homey's complete refusal to acknowledge Apple devices

Since buying Homey a month ago I simply can’t get it to either send push nitifications or register any sort of presence on my daughters Iphone 15. (It also doesn’t work on my iPAD either) I’ve reset everything including re installing on the iphone and Ipad and have also contacted 'Homey" who say it’s a known fault and they’re looking at it. If it’s a known fault why isn’t the forum full of apple owners complaining? Also I know of people who it IS working for them? Anyone here know what’s happening. It’s SO disappointing that the apple stuff in my house just isn’t worth using with Homey for presence and push notisications!!

I guess the problem is, that either Notifications nor Localization enabled on the iPhone and the iPad, because these options are not visible.
And there are already “complaints” about it in the forum and on Slack:

The reason why there are not more complaints is that the problem doesn’t usually occur when the Homey smartphone app is updated, but does occur when the app is reinstalled. At least that’s my personal experience.

Here it works perfectly fine (family of 4 with only Apple devices), i’m using Homey since 2018 and didn’t even know there was a problem with Apple devices.

Edit, build in presence is not being used,
I use the app Smart Presence based on ip (wifi) connection.

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Maybe it is the other way around? Apple is not the most open platform.

Did you check all necessary settings on your IPhone? Like location settings and low power modes (or settings like this).


Neither is Homey.

But the Homey app has had issues with presence detection basically since forever, and the push notification issue has popped up recently with one of the app updates.

I do not want to start a discussion about which platform is more open. But if I need a Apple device to confirm my account on Apple TV+ …

Recently I tested something with an IPhone and in my experience finding the settings and adjusting them is more difficult than on Android.

With regard to the issues; it would help if Homey was more open in which issues there are and the status.

Oh. I agree. I’m nit having a go at athom. But why does it work for some and not others?

Cheers. I’m using the netgear app for presence but I’d really like to be able to send push notifications…

Nobody knows, apparently not even Athom, otherwise they would have fixed this already.

To fix the push notifications, I believe that the current “solution” is to completely remove the Homey app from your iDevice and reinstall it again.

Yup. Did this. Didn’t work.

I found the website:Asking permission to use notifications | Apple Developer Documentation.

Intended for developers, but in some user related documents it describes the intended user experience:

When starting a new app, you should get:

Then the first notification is silent and only appears in the notification center:

@Graham_Kirkman; can you let us know which events happen and/or not happening?

I’ll give this a try and report back

I can’t confirm this at all. We’re 2 people and each use an iPhone. Reliability is over 99% for us.
Apple once released a new firmware, after which the localization no longer worked reliably, but Athom got this under control again.

Maybe it’s a phenomenon similar to other electrical devices. After one of the last Apple firmware updates for iPhones, for example, some users noticed that the battery drained much faster, while most users didn’t notice any problems. There are countless examples of this.

Btw, have you checked the linked topics in my post? A few ideas were also mentioned on how to possibly solve the problem.
Here are some other:

  • Log out of the Homey smartphone app, restart Homey, open the Homey smartphone app again after a few minutes and log in again

Where can I get an invitation for Homey testflight

However, I don’t know if new users will be accepted for the TestFlight program.

Thanks, I"ll have a look. But at this point I’m pretty sure I’ve done everything that can be done and still no luck (I even completely deleted my daughters homey, re-invited her with different credentials, deleted her homey Iphone app. Reinstalled everything…and…the exact same!!!

I have an early 2018 and rearly the build in presence does nt work. Both on IPhone SE 2022. Push notifications always work.

Tell @DirkG, according to him it’s not a known issue :wink:

I didn’t say that, @robertklep. I said that I can’t confirm your comment, as my wife and I have no problems with it and the reliability is over 99%. I didn’t speak for the general public!!!

I also wrote that technical problems can occur with one, but not with the other. In this context, I mentioned the problem with the battery in iPhones. Unfortunately, this is the case with almost all devices these days. One user has no problems with the device, the other does.
And of course, for some users the presence detection does not work or does not work reliably, and for other users the presence detection works without any problems. This is nothing new.

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Hi there. So I went through as much of this as I could with 3 seperate Apple products (@ x Ipads and the iphone 15) I would press 'Allow" when it came up. I also checked EVERY LITTLE DAMN SETTING I could find… Made sure FOCUS was off and anything and everything else I could think of but nothing. Absolutly refuses to recieve notifications or trigger home/away. So disappointed in this as I had so many ‘presence’ and ‘alarm notifications’ planned that now only work for Android, so are basically useless… I just hope someone figures this out so I can get it working?

That is a pity indeed; maybe for notifications you use Telegram (it is the best I can think off). One advantage with Telegram you also can ask questions and depending on the answer let Homey react.

Hopefully Athom finds a solution

Yeah I have telegram set up as a fallback but it’s messier than I would have liked. Thanks for helping though!!!