Homey app not showing in settings -> notifications on iPhone IOS 17.4 after reinstall

To enable push notification i have to set notifications in settings on my iPhone, only the Homey app is not showing in the list. On i-Pad OS 17.4 Homey app is showing in list.

I get push notifications on the i-Pad.

i have installed the Homey app several times on the iPhone no succes.

Hi Peter,

This issue is already being discussed in the forum, see e.g. here.
As this is more or less a user-only forum, please contact Athom support.


Thank you for the response. Will take a look in the forum.

Greetings Peter

Have found the solution for the push notification. In de app select … (bottom right), then select your Homey, now you get the question if Homey may send messages, say yes. Now Homey is available in the notification list on the iphone.


Thanks! That saved my day!

Thank you, saved my day as well!

Could you explain this with some screenshots please? I’m not sure exactly what you mean.

Open the Homey app on your mobile device, select the “More tab” (three dots, bottom right), then at the top of the page you first see your username/profile with below that the Homey that is connected to your profile. Select/press that Homey.


Thank you, I will check it out.