Push notification not working after Homey Pro 2023 app update

I’m using a Homey pro 2023 and last night the app on my iPad and iPhone was updated. Now it seems my push notifications are not working anymore. Before they were working fine.
Anybody the same issue and what could resolve this?

Did you PtP?

I restarted using the app… didn’t unplug it.

Try unplugging it for a few minutes. And also reboot your iDevices.

Homey unplugged and restarted, iPad and iPhone restarted but still no notifications?

Time to contact Athom.

Send same push notification to my wife, who didn’t updated the app yet, and there the message arrived……

Problem solved…. I turned on ‘scheduled summary’ on in my iPad/iPhone and that caused Homey to only show messages at 8 and 18… turned it off and solved my issue…

i do have the same issue in flows when i tag my son or wife they both members but i cant send them a push there is a red error thing but when i choose myself i just does it no issue ?!