[Homeyduino] E-paper for Homey

Hi everyone!
Those who have already realized this great project by sebyldino will certainly not learn anything here, but maybe this post will help those who have not yet done it.

3D printing of the case
The STL files are available in the GitHub of sebyldino’s project.
Personally, I printed the case by reducing the size to 99% in the slicer. This makes it a little easier to align the screen with the frame without the grey lines at the edge of the screen showing too much. It should be aligned at the top left, as there is a little margin at the bottom and right. Be careful, if you reduce it to 98% for example, you might have a problem with lack of space on the right (screen connection, see second to last photo below). So 99% seems to me a good balance.

Actually, I don’t use it with the cover on the back. I put a small nail in the wall and just hung the box up and left it open.

I think there is a small potential for improvement of the case (unfortunately I don’t master Fusion 360 :wink:, but most of the improvements mentioned here could be done directly with the slicer). Firstly, the thickness of the frame at the front could be reduced so that the screen is “closer” to the front. Secondly, at least with the battery I’m using here, the case could be 5mm thinner and there would still be enough room. Finally, the holes for the screws and the rear cover attachment could be directly integrated.

Regarding the battery, I installed a LiPo 1S 1500mAh with a JST 2.0 plug. Be careful, once the plug is in, it is very difficult to remove it, at least for me I did not find how to do it, even if I forced a little. A tip: buy the battery from a local dealer. Indeed, the batteries ordered in particular in China do not always arrive at their destination, it remains a particular merchandise not necessarily appreciated by the airline companies (this is my personal experience…).

The battery doesn’t need to have a JST 2.0 plug, as a JST 2.0 plug is supplied with the display, so you just have to replace it if necessary (but you have to get the soldering iron out…).

I fixed the battery with insulating tape:

Finally, I fixed the screen in the frame with modelling paste. This allows to position the screen easily and especially to make small corrections of alignment very easily (which is not possible with tape).

Final result:

Thank you sebyldino for this great project :smiley: