Homey crash during night - red ring

I have a new Homey pro. I have once a month the problem that my Homey pro crashes at night. It looks like the backups were made in the night and then in the morning my Homey is not accessible anymore and has a red ring. The same problem I had this morning. The backup were made and the last entry in the timeline i at 02:39. I think the crash happens at this time.

After restart everything is working (unplug the cable).

Is there a change to see, what was the problem. Has someone similar problems?


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There is not much the Community can do about that, you need to contact Athom.

For support or issue resolution, first have a look at support.athom.com. If you are unable to find the answer to your question on support.athom.com you can send a support request to Athom via https://support.athom.com/hc/requests/new.

If you need help you can read more about how to submit a support request.

When filing a support request, make sure you add all necessary information so Athom can help you as quickly as possible.


I have the same problem. I have reported the issue to Athom and have support ticket under investigation.

You should indeed open a support ticket.

Thanks for the answer. I made a support ticket with the diagnostic.

@OH2TH: How many times do you have the problem (always in the night after backup like me)?

Enable / install sysinternals app and what for free memory… my guess is that you have too many app (>45 apps) and there is insufficient memory available.

If this is the case :

  • restart at midnight to free mem
  • disable apps shortly before backups (you might get times from the backup logs, eg. between 01AM-03AM etc.)
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Hi Sharkys

Thanks for your answer. I have sysinterals installed. Look at the Print Screen. The backup was made at 02.11. What do you mean about the print-screen?


About once a week.

But as such these would be a workaround for something that crashes the system. Homey’s watchdog should restart, but it doesn’t.

I have an external monitoring script that will pull the plug and restart, if the Homey isn’t responding for several minutes.

Anyway support has been actively trying to find what is the cause. It may or may not be the backups, the time is approximatly right. However my Homey mist of the time has completed the backuo successfully and the crash might happen some time after it.

Now I have disabled my watchdog script and have to disable MQTT apps as they seem to saturate the system logs and Athom Support can’t get anything useful out from the diagnostics report.

Currently the working hypothesis is, that it is not the backup service that would crash Homey. It is not entirely ruled out yet. I’m now waiting for the next crash to happen to send more diagnostics for Athom Support.

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Are you sure, was is 02:11 or 02:39 ? Can you share My backups | Homey ?
Because I don’t see any mem drop during backup and for sure there must be one.

You can run backup manually and check the difference…

Hi Sharkys

The backup was at 02:11, look at the print-screen:



strange that no memory decrease is visible during backup, have you tried to run backup manually, as I mentioned earlier?
Btw what is your uptime when crash happens, eg. do you restart regularly, weekly at minimum?

Hi Sharkys

I opened a Homey Support case and deleted several apps on my homey. I will have a look whats happen.


Do you have MQTT Hub also running? I turned off it’s logging from the app settings. So far no crashes.

Yes, I have MQTT Hub also running. Hi, do you mean to change it from debug to off? This is only a logging?

Than I will try this, thanks for your information.

I had the same problem!

Deleting storage consuming not used apps from homey solves the problem.
It is a mess, that some apps are programmed so bad and storage consuming

Yes it’s only logging, and not needed when the app runs fine, or use Error level to catch unexpected errors at least.

App logs can get quite big as I understand, sometimes causing an app to quit :thinking:
When not needed, turn them off, or set it to Error only
(Debug level saves all info sent to the log
Error level saves the least info to the log)
Screenshot from 2024-05-24 20-34-07

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For me, the homey has been more stable now except that it still is failing backups during the night. This is a bit annoying since it sends a push notification to the phone that is next to my bed in the charging stand.

So turning off the logging on MQTT Hub so far has helped. 9 days and going strong.

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Thanks, I deleted some apps and turned off mqtt hub logging. Thanks for that, I will have a look. How does it work to send a push notification, if the backup is failed?

(It doesn’t say anything about errors, but the backup system never sends anything when all’s running fine)


for several days, every morning I find my Homey in error (red ring), how can I see what happened?

I put it back on and it’s ok for the day.

Thanks for all