Red Homey LED ring when making a backup

I have problems with a regularly recurring nighttime red LED ring on my Homey.
This problem has been with Athom for weeks, but I haven’t heard anything from them in weeks.
For my imaging, I would like to know whether more users suffer from a red LED ring during the night hours?

After a long time, I am 99.0% convinced that my red LED ring is caused by Homey backup (cloud)
Because it always happened at night and not much happened, I thought it was all strange.
Athom initially indicated that I was using the non-original Homey store with associated apps. This was indeed the case when this store was just up and running again.
I deleted this and associated apps again, but it did not solve the problem.

I kept trying and made a backup once during the day, normally this is done around 2:00 - 2:30 am.
Something went wrong while making this backup and I had a red LED ring again.
At that point I was sure and turned off the automatic nightly backups and will now do them manually until Athom solves the problem.
Manually because I can then act immediately when a red LED ring appears.
If this happens at night, nothing will work at all and you will notice this if someone wakes up and, for example, the light does not turn on or the alarm is not automatically set to “Home”, etc.

I am very curious whether more users recognize this problem and whether this also has to do with making a backup?

[Tip] Problems with Homey?

What is your Homey model and firmware version?

Is it Lan or Wifi connected (if 2023)

Homey 2023
Firmware 10.2.0
Connected with Lan

Can you check free mem during the time of backup ?

Standard free mem is around 350 mb.
When the backup is made it is about 100 mb free mem.

Could be a memory thing so I have created a flow that will disable several app during a period of time at night so the backup has more memory.

I have read nowhere how much free mem making a backup needs to be successful without errors.

I think in this case it would be handy if we can create the backup with a flow so disabling apps to make this happen smoothly can be set to a period that is really needed and not for two hours in my case.
I have disabled only apps that I really don’t need to run at knight.
With all those app disabled I have around 527 mb of free mem.


I will see if this workaround helps or not.


Also track the memory in time, not during backup time - eg. I see my free mem goes down with higher uptime. Does it crash also when / if you restart your Homey just before ?

I will check that tomorrow.
On advise of Athom I restart my Homey once a week.

My memory does rise a little bit during the day but not that much. It is also can go down a bit at some point without doing anything.
When I restart Homey my memory is not much less than before the restart so that doesn’t make a lot of difference.
For now I have a flow disabling all not needed apps during the night for a few hours and so far so good. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Do you have installed sysinternals ? It tracks free mem over time, so then you can have a look on Insights (yep, anothe app :wink: )

Also in parallel I would suggest to create ticket for Athom and ask them for real solution.

I know of this app, I have it reinstalled again to see how much free memory is left.
I guess a few issues I’m having can be related to memory issues.
I have two apps that go sky high on that, Better logic library and device capabilities.
I will ask Arie if there can done something about that?


How much and where do you keep observing the mem ?
The best place is Homey Developer Tools , eg. DC for me :

vs Insights - last 6 hours :

These are my DC graphics.

It’s higher (you have probably more DC devices?) but I would say still in the limit. Anyway, if that would be too much, Homey core would kill it.

But, what worries me little bit, does DC memory utilization goes up over time ? What is the value when DC starts and what is the value after lets say, 12 hours ? 24 hours ?

When I disable DC or BLL for a minute or so and than enable it again it is about 20 - 30 mb lower but within 30 minutes back to where it was.

I’m backing up some AVD’s now and will remove them to see if that helps a bit.

I also see often red exclamation marks in my DC devices so I think DC is crashed than and restarted.

I would try to generate diag. from the app and ask Arie in the comment section (stating your forum nickname), if he observe anything strange in the log. Mostly when you see explamation marks on your DC devices.

update I see you did it already, so let’s see

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