Homey Bridge or devices issue?

Hi, i’m new to zigbee (except philips hue) and have a few fibaro devices connected to my homey bridge I got 3 days ago.
I came across tp-links kasa and bought a few hs100 and some bulbs.
I have also purchased a few aqara devices…

Now… I don’t have the Aqara hub, just hooked up some termostats and sensors to the homey itself but after 1½ day they don’t update the temp anymore or reacts to me opening a door. (it worked flawless for a few hours when setting this up with some flows)…

In regards to the Kasa HS100 I just get Rate Limietd after that one disconnected (same here, worked for a few hours)…

Is this all related to the Homey Bridge and I should return it and get a Homey Pro instead?

Is this also happening on the Homey Pro?

Zigbee devices that become unreachable also happens on Homey Pro (for example).

Kasa rate limiting issues too: Kasa-devices get unavailable each night at approx 23.00 and sometime during night they get available again

Hmm ok thats good to know, will save me a few bucks! :wink:

I have tried installing the hs100 for 2 days now and same issue appear… is it a timeout of some sort on their end?

Rate limiting means they are limiting the number of requests (for device updates/operations). Usually these are tied to a set of API keys, so perhaps the API keys that Athom uses for the Kasa app are shared among all Homey users with these devices.