[BUG] TP-Link Kasa devices get "rate limited" error every day

For some time now i have an experience with my Kasa-devices (HS100).

Each night at approx 23.00 ALL my Kasa-devices becomes unavailable in Homey.

But when this happen the Kasa-devices are still available and operational with the original independent Kasa iOS-app.

In the morning the devices are available so sometime during night the issue disappeared.

Have anyone else experienced the same?

Are you using a Homey Pro or Homey (beta) ?

Homey PRO

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Do you get the ‘rate limited’ error (mentioned at the app ratings) when you switch a device on or off after 11:00PM but before 0:00h?
Probably after 0:00h the rate limit gets removed, until you use Kasa devices via Homey more than X times a day.

Please report @ https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/requests/new

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I also see it at the Homey (beta) with this App and I never switch the socket. only measuring (One HS110).
Also reported this to Athom.
already 2 days in a row I noticed late in the evening. (after ~ 22u30)
in the morning everything is OK,

I will check this evening. But i think i have seen the “rate limit”-error.

But it is anyway unpexted with a “rate limit”

All Homey does with Kasa during a day is to once turn them on at sunset and once switch them off at 23.00.

Seems strange that kind of limited usage (as i see it) would cause a “rate limit” issue.

Or is it that ALL Homey users in combination cause a “rate limit”-issue? It is not my own specific usage causing it?

Well I hope not!

Does a HS100 also have a metering function? Then see below :point_down:

I suspect the metering socket sends lots of web requests.
Maybe Kasa can raise the limit, but that"ll have to be requested by Athom probably.

HS100 has no metering-function. Only power On/Off.

Now it is confirmed that it is the error “Rate limit” that is causing that Kasa-devices are unavailable.

The only thing i know i have done by myself on the Kasas is turn them on at sunset.

So it must be Homey or Kasa-app in Homey that is peforming some extra communication taht causes the rate limit to occur.

Could it be “Insights”? Even thogh there is no metering maybe Insights is communcating with the Kasa-devices?

Could you into this discussion paste a link the Athom support request that you raised?

I have exactly the same problem…

A quick work around is to use an IFTTT-flow to an IFTTT-app connected to KASA.
This temporary solution is not optimal, but it works fine.

Look forward to final and correct solution, any one ?

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Rate limit has always been a problem for me with Homey bridge.

I can’t even add a single HS100 now. When i get to the page to select the device I’m met with “Rate limited”…

Same plug works great through Google Home.

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I have the same issue with my HS100…

Use the app ”TP-Link Smart Devices” as an alternative.
No problem here….

I am using this app. And just added about 6 TP Link wall switches HS110 and HS120 and they worked for about an hour. Now all and some other TP LINK devices are showing the rate limit error. I do have the same devices in home assistant. But this is crazy.

It’s 1:14 in the afternoon EST here.

I have four TP-Link smart switches. Each day, one or more of these error-out and show a “Rate Limited” alert. This prevents Flows from working properly and also prevents me from even being able to use the switches until the alert auto-resolves itself. As far as I can tell, there’s no cause for this other than time. There’s another thread I found about this, but it started years ago and there’s no resolution. Does anyone have any idea what to do about this? It’s an official Athom app and these switches are all listed as supported, so this is pretty strange.

Pls keep it central, therefore moved…

But Thanks you had a better Title :wink:

[BUG] TP-Link Kasa devices get “rate limited” error every day

I posted a work-around adding my HS110 via the Homey ‘Amazon Alexa’ app here.

Thanks for this info, but I don’t have any Alexa products. Also, this is an official Athom app that has been having this problem for multiple years, judging by the age of this thread. It’s not cool that it hasn’t been fixed or even commented on by the Athom team yet. If I had known this was going to be an issue, I wouldn’t have invested in TP-Link switches. I only chose these because they have full support in this official app! Now I feel duped.

I already had one before the official app,
used it with this TP-Link Smart Devices App for Homey | Homey Local Access from Homey
on my First Homey ( since ~ 2016 ? ) when Homey needed a PtP (Using the Kasa App ).
(Many times in the first two years…)
It is still there, but almost never use it.