Home Connect rate limited problem

Any users with Home Connect experiencing problems with the connection with the server? Since this weekend I get the message ‘rate limited, try again in 24 hours’ for all my devices. When trying again one hour later, it’s still at 24 hours. I have 6 Siemens devices connected to Homey, who communicatie their statuses but nothing special (or too much).

2 devices, but no problems here

Same her with only one device

Strange. I see 1000 API requests per day is the limit. Normal users won’t get anywhere near that. Hopefully fixed tomorrow when the Home Connect developer at BSH gets behind his/her desk and sees the errors. :wink:

1000 seems a lot but in reality it depends on what they count. For one device I fully agree.

Problem seems to have returned. Already for 5 days all devices are offline and cannot connect because of the rate limited issue.

BSH knows about the issue and has been working on it for a while, but as they say; it’s almost impossible to solve. Don’t ask me why but they won’t be able to solve it soon. The only work around is IFTTTT right now…

I have the same problem. But when i restart the home connect app its working again. I made a flow that restarts the app daily. Lets hope it keeps the app working.

Unfortunately here not. Every time I get the rate limited issue.