Google Nest SDM

Hi All, since a few weeks, my Nest Thermostat doen’t respond to the ‘Set Mode To ECO’ card anymore.
Al other functions are working correctly, also setting the mode to Off or automatic works well. Only the ECO mode doesn’t change. And that was the function I used a lot to manage heating in my house.
Anyone with the same problem or maybw a solution?
(I already read about similar problems on HA)
greetings, Bram

Same issue, reported issue on Stackoverflow. It does not even give an error (looks like a succesful call to the app) :expressionless:

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Recently Google announced the definitive end of Works with Nest as of 29 September 2023. Using the Google Nest SDM has been a good way to get the Nest devices into Homey. The Nest protect smoke detectors are not officially supported, but can currently be added using the Nest Legacy tab within the SDM app. But does anyone know if this “workaround” via the Nest Lagacy tab will remain functional after 29 September?