Fibaro Walli Switches suddenly blinking dark blue

I have around 15 walli switches in my house, 2 of them suddenly started blinking dark blue. I tried the following:

  • remove device, it is removed from my homey app but I cannot reset the walli switch to it’s default settings
  • power off - power on did also not work

I have a Homey Pro version 8.0.5

I hope someone can help!

I searched the Fibaro forum for this problem with Walli switches, but did not find anything about it.
But I know a case where a user had the same problem with several Fibaro RS3. The user had even contacted Fibaro, but without a satisfying result.

These are the corresponding posts in the Homey and Fibaro forum:

So my recommendation is to contact the dealer and/or Fibaro.

Sometimes the blinking and color do have a meaning, check the user manual of the device to find out what is wrong.

OK, sorry, I should have known better, knowing you are a a very good helper yourselves.