Fibaro Walli dimmer not connecting to homely

Just bought my first fibaro dimmer but have problem. On setup it says press button 3 times and then second time. It’s on the second time it will not recognise that I press the buttons. Tried many times and read the forum. I but looks like it was a problem in 2019 but not anymore. Can it be that the dimmer need firmware upgrade? I don’t have home centre for fibaro. Any tips?

Dit you try to include very close to Homey?

Yes. Once I came as long as it asking for a DSK number. I did not find that number. It was a qr code on the dimmer but difficult to scan.

There should also be a number. On my Walli Switchs and Walli Roller Shutter are a number too.
You can try it also with 00000, but then the Dimmer should be included unsecure.