Connecting Fibaro Walli dimmers and Switches using groups?

Hi Everyone.

I have gotten a bunch of Fibaro Devices to connect to my new Homey Pro.

Among others I have a few Walli Switches and Walli Dimmers.

The scenario I would like to get is to connect buttons at different sections of my hallway to each other so that they both turn on the same light sources or dim the same light sources.

I upload a basic drawing of how things are mounted. (You can be impressed with my paint drawing skills later :stuck_out_tongue: ).

My goal is to have the following work.

  • Dimmer 1 and dimmer 3 will both manage the same zone (zone 1).
  • Dimmer 2 and dimmer 4 will both manage the same zone (zone 2).
  • Switch 1 and Switch 2 will both turn on the cieling lamp in the middle

Can I use the grouping function in homey to do this ? As of right now Dimmer 1 and Dimmer 2 works as intended for their zones but I am unable to add the other button pair as linked to the other buttons.

Any thoughts and inputs ? Am I missing something ?

Are the Walli Switches 1 and 2 both electrically connected to the lamp? Or is the Walli Switch 2 only connected to the power supply and should act as a remote control?
The same question regarding the Walli Dimmer.


Thanks for answering.According to how my electrician described it to me only Switch 1 is directly connected to the lamp. Switch two is supposed to be acting as a remote control. The same thing applies to the dimmers. That’s how they understood how things are supposed to be setup.

The wireing has been drawn to both locations however so they can be directly connected if neccesary.
So the question is if that’s actually the case or if they can be logically grouped within homey with the same effect ?

Ok, then the switches are correctly connected.

Walli Switch

This is the manual how to use 2 Walli Switches with a 2-way connection:

So no additional app is needed. The communication works with associations. This is a direct connection between the two switches.

Btw., another solution is to use 1 Walli Switch and 1 “dumb” toggle switch:

These “dumb” switches can be covered with Walli Switch covers, then there is no visual difference.

Walli Dimmer

The Walli Dimmer in a 2-way connection can also be used in the same way as the Walli Switch, but instead of a second Walli Dimmer a Walli Switch should be used as second device according to the manual:

But in general, the second Walli Dimmer can also be used with associations:

So you can try out, if it works with 2 Walli Dimmer by using associations.

Info: To use associations, the devices must be included with the same security standard (unsecure ↔︎ unsecure / S0 ↔︎ S0 / S2 ↔︎ S2)


Yes that makes sense. My biggest problem though is that I don’t get exactly how to setup those associations in the homey UI ? It’s not entirely intuitive. It also seems like the Associations part of the advanced settings look different from one device to another. As in which options get displayed.

Anyone who can explain in more detail how that should be setup ?

Afaik, in the advanced settings of the “remote” devices, you have to fill in the Z-Wave NodeID of the “main” device.

Walli Switch (remote)
Group 1: 1
Group 2: 52 *¹
Group 3: 1

*¹ 52 is just an example. Please insert the NodeID of the “main” Walli Switch.
Group 2 is responsible for “On/Off”

Walli Dimmer (remote)
Group 1: 1
Group 2: 87 *²
Group 3: 87 *²

*² 87 is just an example. Please insert the NodeID of the “main” Walli Dimmer.
Group 2 is responsible for “On/Off”
Group 3 is responsible for “Dimmer”

Please let me know if it works.

Btw, is the Walli Switch configured as Single Switch Operating Mode, or as Double Switch Operating Mode?


As far as I have understood it double switch was only for when you connected a switch to a dimmer. That’s at least how it looked like on the examples. I believe them to be setup in single switch mode

Are you saying that the actual NodeID is static for each device or that you can set it manually ?

Does the amount of association groups as seen in the UI in any way limit the amount of devices which you can pair up as a total in the homey system ?

It’s possible to use the Walli Switch for switching one or two lamps.
If the Walli Switch is configured in Single Switch Operating Mode (1 lamp) you can switch the lamp on/off with the first and second button. So it doesn’t matter with which button the lamp is switched on/off.
If the Walli Switch is configured in Double Switch Operating Mode (2 lamps) the first button is used to switch one lamp on/off and the second button is to switch the other lamp on/off.
If the Walli Switch is configured in Double Switch Operating Mode and you have only connected one lamp then the first button only works for switching on/off.
If you want to use a Walli Switch in combination with a Walli Dimmer (as described in the manual), then the Walli Switch must be configured in Single Switch Operating Mode.

It’s a static no. of course. The NodeID of a device can be found in the advanced device settings in the Z-Wave device information section in the Device-ID column, or in Developer Tools.

Don’t know if I understand your question correct, but I guess this will be the right answer:

Because only group 2 and 3 are required for the On/Off and Dimming functions, the maximum number is therefore 5 devices.