Walli Dimmer LED when not directly connected to load


I have multiple walli dimers placed on opposite sides of a longer hallway.

The 2 by the entrance has been directly connected to load in both dimmers.

The 2 at the end of the hallway is not connected to load.

Plan is to only use association for the dimmers not connected to load. It works most of the time but with some delay. What I need help with is to change the colour of these LED’s so that they don’t remain as red (as they cannot find the lightsource directly).

According to Fibaro this should be possible with special options in homecenter but it’s unclear how to enter it in Homey. Does anyone know?

And does anyone know if there is a way to decrease lag between actions when ising associations?

Not sure if I get it right, but isn’t your previous post (with several of howto’s in the reply’s) about a similar issue?

Partly right yes. That didn’t solve my actual problem though.

Looking at my situation now.Wallie Switches work as intended even without load and using association.

Wali dimmers remain red when not directly connected to load and every now and then they loose connection to the hub (flashing blue until I cut power and force a reboot.Then I regain controll).

The question now was more focused on the LED and the lag than the previous post however.

But you have a bypass connected to them, right? Or are they hooked up to a neutral line?

Not using any bypass. I have neutral wires to all power outlets and buttons in the house. Even to those where I don’t have any smart devices installed.