Unable to add Fibaro dimmer 2?

Hi all,
I am trying to replace a Kaku dimmer by a Fibaro 2. After the physical installation I try to add the new device in Homey. There I get the message “Follow the instructions :one: - :two: “. And then nothing. Blank screen under the 1 and 2. Putting the device in pairing mode by pressing the button three times changes nothing. Pressing the connected wall switch does turn the lights on and off. What is going wrong here?

First perform a factory reset on this device and then try again.

Please include the Dimmer 2 near to Homey (< 10 cm).
It’s recommended to include the device first in directly near to Homey, e.g. with a self made electric cable, and then install it at the destination place, or use an extension cable or a powerbank and bring Homey near to the device.

Thanks. It worked via the iPhone app, the iPad app doesn’t seem to work….

I use a powerbank from my phone to bring Homey near the device.