Can't add several fibaro dimmer 2

Have problems including fibaro dimmer 2. These have been included by the system before, but I had to remove these as these should be included as unsecure. Homey I have placed 10 cm away. I have turned off the power of the dimmer 2 unit, reset to factory settings (dimmer 2). I always take an exclude (in developer tools) before I start adding it. I get this message: There was a problem adding your device. Try again later. Restart of homey is also tried …
This happens on most dimmer 2 I have. Luckily I get some included again. So then the question is. What am I doing wrong? :confused:

Does it make any difference if you include via the switch-input or via the include button?

Sorry. I don’t know what you mean by switch-input. Can you clarify? :slight_smile:

Switch input is the connection for the local wall switch.

Same results.

Bit out of ideas, maybe unsecure inclusion? Search for how to do that the easy way.

Thank you. Though i have tried bought unsecure and secure :confused:

does this message show up between step 1 and step 2? if so then you don’t wait long enough between step 1 (which resets the device) and step 2 (includes device), when the dimmer 2 gets reset it needs to go through a certain initiation (/calibration) before it can be included, so a small wait between step 1 and step 2 is needed.

I have the same problem but with the Fibaro walli outlets. Have added 3 without any problems and the 4th gives me problems like you said. Did do the same as the previous 3.

Thanks, but no. I get 2 green check marks and then after a few seconds i get this message.

What Homey version are we running?

5.0.0-rc26. Also tried with the stable 4.2.0.
App version

Homey v5 does have a few issues with z-wave currently, so if you updated for that, then it was a wrong choice.
The only answer I can give now is to keep on trying after a proper PTP, eventually it will include.

I had the same problem this week with my new Abus smoke detectors. Ok, these are battery operated, but I could find out that I had to include them extremely close (< 1 cm) to Homey. Otherwise it worked fine with a distance of 5-10 cm. For each faulty inclusion a NodeID was already assigned, but it is not visible in Developer.


Try it again with a distance of < 1 cm.

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I have had similar problems (on earlier homey version though). My solution was another reset of the fibaro dimmer 2 (did it multiple times, should be done with the button on the dimmer itself.)

As per the manual you need to press the b-button at least 2 seconds, and keep pressing until yellow, then release. Dimmer will initiate the light sources connected again (so wait for this to complete), and then try to reconnect.

Additionally check on --> Tools --> Z-Wave, if it not still included (does not show up in the app, but is still “present” in homey.) If so remove it with the menu on the right.

I have the same problem with FGS-223. Not possible to connect.

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