Suddenly flows and dimmers stopped working from app

To day i switch off power to install a new fibaro walli dimmer.
I installed the fibaro walli dimmer in 2 times (because the first time did not work).

Then all my wlli dimmers stoped working and flows linked to them too.
But the walli switches and plugs work.

Now i tried to exclude from zwave some walli dimmer devices and put them back but they are still not working when i switch them on off from the app.

I am wanting not to reset to factory the homey that s why i am asking for some help here. Any tools to debug or someone met that problem already ?
Thank you…

Did an PTP and many reboots but did not work.
Actually the buttons on and off are not working in the app

But the dimming in the app works

I had a reply from support.
It seems i am not the only one.
Do other confirm?

I don’t want to wait for an update so i plan to reset all. Do you think it would work?


Thank you for reporting this issue, and our apologies for your inconvenience!

This issue is already reported by other users and Development is working hard to fix this issue.

We hope to resolve this problem with the next update.

Best Regards,

Why not ask Athom? They seem to know what the issue is, so I assume they also know if a reset would fix it.

Ok i asked…

Homey confirms a lot of users are facing this huge problem.
Looking on the forum i feel i am lonely.

Hopefully it s solved fast because it s a huuuuge problem.

There was an update on the fibaro software today this is the problem other people have the same issue.

Hi there. I have experienced exactly the same problem.

Thanks for sharing this info that brings us to ZE question.
Is it possible to downgrade that app!

App still doWn after 4 days. More than not cool.

so you already updated to v3.0.7 from today right?

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Na update v3.0.7 schijnt het weer te werken @mattrix

Yes it s working again
I am happy i didn’t install homey to thousands of clients yet !

If I was u I didn’t do that anyway!

And what system would you choose for deploying?

For selling to clients I would choose a professional, reliable system. Not a Jan and Annie system.
If thousands of clients are gonna call u every week something is not working u would be in the aap gelogeerd!

Am asking you which one you would go for?

If i had a company and if that company was selling HA things and if that company had thousands of clients …Too many ifs! And if (hey, there is another if again) u was looking for a system to sell and it’s not gonna be a Homey then ur on the wrong forum for asking.

HA is for sure not the way to go for deployment. It s long to set up, the app is horrible.
Homey is faster for deploying.

Was actually talking about Home Automation thingies, sorry for the confusion.