Ethernet (LAN) Adapter

Hello mates,
does Homey support ethernet adapters in any way?



As far as I know was this asked before on the old forum.

What’s not can still become.

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is there any news here? would be interesting if you could use a USB-LAN adapter (as used in the Amazon Fire TV stick) to connect homey to the network via LAN.

Homee has upgraded the function with a software update and works perfectly.



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It would be really good when Homey starts to support USB ethernet adapters.

I’m planning to casemod my Homey into a 19" rack enclosure, than I would add a ethernet to POE+ethernet adapter bring all the antenna’s into an SMA antenna and presto, there is an actual Homey pro :wink:


I totally agree… did you make a offiical feature request to athom because they do not read in this forum…

Do you know if they work on it ?
I am very interested in Homey Pro to order my house but we only turn on the wifi when we need it and turn it off as soon as possible.
Is it so complicated to allow power and network power via an unique adapter?
I will not choose Homey if this feature is not available soon …

how and where should we make official feature request?

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The best thing to do is to read the welcome message.

Hint read it till the last line…
But I guess you are out of luck, i dont expect them to put time in this kind of geeky features for only 0.1 % or less of the Homey users
(and yes i have several adapters to test ordered and was one of the requesters before)


I live in the middle of the fields and I have the chance to have no radiation when I cut my wifi, especially in the evening …
It’s a safety for the health of my children

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You could try to submit a request and let us know the answer.
But I guess they won’t take time to Implement unless they expect to sell 1000 Homey’s more next two months.

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Would be nice! Also for security usage

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I’m interested in an internet-over-ethernet instead of internet-over-wifi version too…
So 9997 to go ?

And for now only 9996😂

I filled the form, 9995 to go…

I would also love to see support for this. I always prefer wired connections over wifi if possible.
Using a USB ethernet adapter, or maybe even a real ethernet port in a next hardware version?

9993 since there are always problems with the WiFi.

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I am also very interested, I now have TP link nodes and Homey doesn’t like the wifi …

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I filled the form as well :wink:
(safety reasons)