Alternative Ethernet adapter?

Can anyone recommend an alternative ethernet adapter for HP 2023? One where the cable to the power supply and the ethernet are on the same side so that it doesn’t take up as much space as the original adapter.

Maybe try for a couple of euro something like

The ethernet adapter for Chromecast/Google TV is reported to work as well.
(the usb-c cable is omitted on this picture, but is next to the ethernet connector.

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I have used belkin USB-C to Ethernet+Charge Adapter

It har workt very good

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Any other POE powered adapters than the quite expensive Ubiquity Unifi adapter?

Any experience with a specific one you want to share?

Just ordered Ugreen USB C to Ethernet Adapter – UGREEN. Will report back once it arrives :slight_smile:

Wow, looks very nice en cheap, let us know.
What is the argument for you to choose this vs the original Athom Homey Ethernet adapter?

Does it also provide Power to Homey Pro,
or are you going to solder the power directly to the Homey PCB?

I don’t think (99% sure) that one will work for Homey Pro, that’s just a USB C to ethernet adapter and has no power options nor POE, unless (indeed) you are going to solder power internally.

It is indeed just a usb-c to ethernet dongle. Was not aware it would need to power the device as well. Weird choice not to provide an ethernet adapter in the box, and even weirder that it would need to be POE, why not treat this as just another USB adapter.

The reason for trying to find a cheaper dongle was that the original is more than twice the price of this. And the Homey pro is already rather expensive.

Homey already was not cheap, this saves a few $ / € and the Ethernet port probably isn’t used by many, just Wifi should work in many cases.

Why use Ethernet, you could just choose WiFi, as was the only “choice” for 6 years …
The Homey Ethernet Adapter with 5 Volt Power - PassThrough isn’t that expensive as there is no comparable product available. and much cheaper than a PoE Adapter.
(And the only official supported adapter :wink: )

Only the Combi Block from Google in ugly White is cheaper

Passthru Power…

Thanks for the feedback, all! Not my intention to be sour even before I get started (the Homey Pro should arrive today). I will compare it to my HA setup running on an Intel Xeon NAS. Call me old-school but I do prefer that my core devices are cabled together. Will start with wireless nonetheless.
(Will keep the ethernet dongle for my laptop :slight_smile: )

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I am using a very affordable one from Aliexpress and I have encountered no connectionproblems (yet):
Electop Ethernetadapter for Chromecast 4k

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Found a PoE adapter that has now been working for about a month without any issues.

AliExpress: Revotech PoE to TypeC Adapter