Can we have a real Homey Pro please

I want to use Homey for many earlier projects delivered with HDL Buspro and KNX. But i can not recommend hardware like this to professional installers.

So please make a black box, with RJ45 Ethernet interface.

The potential just for me is 100-1000 units. (As an upgrade to HDL Buspro and KNX systems)


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Anybody know any rumors if this is something thats in the making?
Is it only me that want a “black box”?


No clue what a black box is or what i should do with it and how it would improve the existing hardware…

Black Box???

I guess the white globe is a more consumer friendly. They even didn’t enable the linux driver for the USB-ethernet adapter using a USB-OTG adapter that I requested as discussed with a couple of early adapters.

How would that work in terms of providing power to Homey, though?

A just mean a normal form and shape, and color. A black rectangular box like any Wifi ruter or small computer. A white globe with only Wifi is not any professional company will install, in my opinion.

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You could solder one yourself from two USB cables

Or buy one of these fe from
#Aliexpress | Mini B USB Male to USB Female Host OTG + USB Power Cable Y Splitter cable for MP3/MP4 Phone High Quality

I tried one with to different ethernet USB adapters and when one of the AATP firmware upgrades gave issues Athom could see it was due to the connected Ethernet adapter.

Athom opted they maybe would enable the driver in a hacky friday, but I guess they had more challenging issues to fix. That was in the 0.x firmware time everything was possible they thought…

Google also had a USB power supply with integrated Ethernet for the chromecast but can’t find it anymore. You only needed a USB micro to mini adapter extra.

Found! Still available but not from the Netherlands…

Although the power rating is relatively low. With only 850mA
Would not try with the SuperHomey

I guess Athom didn’t want to encourage hacky solutions like that :grimacing:

AFAIK, Y-splitters aren’t allowed by the USB spec, but even if they were, USB-OTG defines specific roles for each side, including a “will provide power” role, which Homey would be. With a Y cable, you’re externally powering that side. It may work, but I’m not surprised to hear about “issues”.

Besides that, providing power like this to two devices (the Ethernet adapter and Homey) simultaneously may introduce noise/ripple/distortion into the power supply from one device to the other.

Technically you could be correct but the issue they mentioned was just something in the used (cq missing) drivers that it dit not work. They could see the USB device.

But maybe they realised the potential issues vs the high expectations of the people that would try it was not worth investing time in this.

Well. Maybe it isn’t meant to be for the professional companies.
Feels to me a bit like asking Ferrari to build a pickup truck because the professional contractors can’t use their cars at work…

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It is just how you see Homey,
Asking: hey Volkswagen, Ford, Mercedes, nice car, can you also provide a van? Maybe not that strange :grin:

Issue is it is a complete other market and for producing 1000s of Homey each month having only a much smaller market for the professional will introduce other issues and make it probably more expensive. The same PCB with a quad core SOM and same software would be possible but an Ethernet connector, PoE, probably needing external antenna also as signals in a closet or 19inch rack perform less.
The design and production will cost to much I think to make profitable for them now.

I guess they have looked at it but I don’t expect anything soon.

@Eivind_Bo, have you contacted Athom directly? Pls share their reaction!

Maybe professional company’s should choose to implement design objects if they are just the best solution :wink:

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In a truely professional environment, homey just is no contender. In addition to said KNX and HDL, there is no DALI, no MP, 6LoWPan or even BLE Mesh. No, Homey is meant for non-professional home automation.

If you want a professional solution, shop professional. You’ll probably end up with some DIN rail solution or, indeed, “black boxes”. Quite a different market with dito pricetag serving different requirements. Trying to use homey-like solutions to such an environment would be like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Homey Pro just isn’t powerful enough for my environment, so I asked Athom if the have any plans for powerful hardware with proper antennas in the future. Simply the answer was:

“We do not have any plans that would involve a huge overhaul of the hardware.”

By the way, what are the professional alternatives?

Just read the topic. That should make it clear.

Wouldn’t ask if it did.

Well, Lamborghin builds tractors (, so why not?? :crazy_face:

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You don`t need a black box after a Homey crash, just replace the “airplane” with a new model.