NextGen Homey Super Pro (Feature Requests for Next generation Homey Hardware)

Badass CPU
1 TB drive
RJ45 Network port
USB port (C)



I guess it is missing radios…


Listed only upgrades, but u right! :+1:

That lives up to the name Athom:

Intel Core i9-9900K
RJ 45 1000 MBit
USB 3.0
Water cooling
Size of a basketball

Make my day !


Ok, but Homey already has USB, I once plugged a cheap Chinese UTP network adapter using a USB OTG adapter, when I reported a failed alpha firmware upgrade Athom reported I should unplug the network adapter. :joy:

So hardware is not the biggest issue, just send a gross developers to Athom to get everything supported.

I am uncertain how CPU/memory constrained Homey actually is. HA does not require huge amounts of CPU or memory as it is event driven.

However not having wired Ethernet is a serious omission and a minor engineering modification. Would love a POE option in that.


I think that an 4core ARM Cortex-A57 at 4.x GHz with 64bits, 32Gb memory and 256 Storage flash is sufficient. All radio’s, 2x USB-c, 1Gb/s Ethernet, Wifi 802.11ac

And usb-c also support storage connection (and/or optional usb ethernet adapter instead of RJ45)
Maybe a HDMI outlet to connect a monitor for showing a Dashboard.

Then: small size, low power consumption and fan less to keep it quiet.

And all apps converted to 64bits.
And an app for connecting an UPS to it.

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I would just like to see Ethernet instead of WiFi as that is one less radio to cause interference with the Z-Wave and ZigBee. Especially as most apps have to constantly poll for status updates.


I would definitely consider upgrading if there was an option with 4GB RAM and quad-core or perhaps even beefier dual-core. Ethernet would also be very nice. Oh, and 5GHz band for Wi-Fi.

The current Homey Pro feels like too small of an upgrade (and part downgrade) to warrant a new investment, at least for me.

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Does anyone of your really use all the power Homey Pro currently has? I have more than 50 devices connected to Homey via z-wave, zigbee and wifi and I am running 21 apps, but still my memory usage is less than 50% and also CPU load is rarely more than 50%. More power just because you can is always nice, but for me it would not provide a real benefit.

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Oh yes, close to 100% on storage and memory on my pro!

Wow. What are you running then?

I have close to 25apps and some upwards of a few hundred flows but already homey is at 80% memory and very high load.

I’m polling apis for my air quality and weather every five minutes but maybe also because I have a lot of sensors. Everytime a zone triggers, it runs quite a few flows to determine what I might be doing and triggers a corresponding action. It runs fine if it’s just one person in the house I Guess but when there’s a lot of foot traffic at home I see honey sometimes slowing down in executing the actions…

Not to mention the web interface is extremely slow when I pull up the flow editor.
I would really appreciate a beefier CPU and ram…

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Only upgrade ideas:

  • Wired LAN interface to not depend only on 2.4GHz WiFi connection

  • 5GHz WiFi support to avoid 2.4GHz interference

  • PoE powering to integrate better to the IT infrastructure

  • Integrated or snap-on stlye battery to make Homey uninterrupted

  • More robust ZigBee performance (More than 30-40 recommended device)

  • Cube design! :wink:




I would’t mind paying Athom and sending in my Pro to receive more storage, as well as a CPU/RAM upgrade. I wouldn’t consider replacing my Homey though.

At this moment all works well enough, but i fear for a future where my storage and CPU/RAM will run out fast

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Micro USB for SSD devices

Homey as Docker Container and a LAN connected Bridge for Zigbee/ZWave :crazy_face:
No problems with less RAM and CPU :sunglasses:

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