NextGen Homey Super Pro (Feature Requests for Next generation Homey Hardware)

The Pro is not enough! Give me eth and give me more CPU power, give me MORE memory! Pls Santa, give me!

POE powered, gigabit ethernet.

local backup (this subscription based is really a lame corporate greed thing) I will happy pay 25 euro to get a local backup. one of the main reasons I bought homey is that I do not want to depend on a cloud company. when they run out of business my equipment is useless.

some form of connection to wired ecosystems like knx.


I don’t want to alarm you, but your Homey will be useless when Athom runs out of business.

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Yeah, and because of that may-be we must to add into our santa-list also “local users” and fully local GUI to. From my side - the current set-up is not so bad. But yeah, paranoid side of me warning also about not out of business, but about being hacked. So, nice to have a red button with big friendly letters “Fully Autonomous Mode”

About other things:

RAM/CPU - nice to have (especially for fully autonomous mode), but for them, who out of mem now - may-be You can get more help from re-design the logic on top? :sunglasses:

Ethernet - actually it’s a must to have feature…

Radios - little bit better antennas or connectors for very supper pro users? Yes, it’s totally ruining the current beautiful case… but again, we are talking about the PRO grade product, not choosing the car only by color. So… a really PRO and bulletproof design as “tank, with ears”. Possible to put into “home IT-rack” but also able to take ears(antennas) away from heavy metal.

UPS - also must to have, but… who of us running it now without an UPS anyway? :wink: So… possibility to connect over Ethernet with UPS.


great idea to have it 19" with antanna’s sticking out. I will certainly place it on my steel cabinet where internet modem, router, NAS, UPS and other home networking has a place. the current melon is not stackable and does not even stand stable.

USB-C please! Terrible power connector in the current version…


I would really love to pay for a new piece of hardware.

  • better zigbee
  • better wifi (currently my homey breaks when I let my tp link deco’s do their thing)

Just in general a hardware refresh… homey is great and I would have no problem paying for that.

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Agreed. Considering how great Fibaro HC3 looks, but how extremely bad their “Yubii” app is, and lack of 433Mhz, Zigbee support etc (even though it got the hardware) - I’m hoping Homey would take the step and add an actual Homey Pro, much like the HC3 in terms of connections and looks, but keep the great software of Homey.

It’s only a wish of course, and a part of me wants to believe that with the release of Homey Bridge, which has a whole different look, an actual Pro should be in the works.

The sphere Homey was fun to begin with, but now I’m thinking they should step up and release something less toy-ish. Fibaro HC (imho) is dying and now’s the chance for Homey to take the HC market.

I mean, just the fact that it looks more like a network/HiFi device with its rose gold feet etc. It’s not perfect, but more like how a HC should look IMHO.
A Fibaro HC3 and Homey Bridge mash-up with LAN etc. would be awesome.

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IMHO the Bridge should be for the newbie/simple market. Homey Pro belongs in a technical room hooked up to a switch/router. The ones going Pro won’t use the IR transmitter/receiver etc, they’ll rather use dedicated systems for that, but use the Homey Pro as a home center.


Well… for me that was really one of the (many) reasons to ditch Logitech Harmony and buy the Pro (but the bridge didn’t exist back then). I have many IR controllable stuff.
Only it is a bit off a hit and miss integration, pretty useless to me.

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Hmm, WHY?!?
Actually Harmony and Homey may live together in harmony and actually only one single IR controller can not rule the entire house anyway (for example, if there is a 1+ TV in house - different rooms of course).
Another thing - may be my personal problem - is that when watching something, i like to have real remote for volume/channels/selections. But, yes, of course i can switch my “cinema room” on with voice :wink:

PS. Actually, i hope, the next gen Homey is little bit more modular than current one. Sorry, but in current device all the different protocols can not feel them free in one small sphere. And also, what happens, if there is a new protocol rocking the market? All-new-Homey or just something like a bridge, which one connects directly to Homey.

PPS. On some day we must anyway ditch Logitech, as they switched away from remotes. But this is not the story about Homey rules the IR world.

Sorry, no I meant one of the many reasons I bought a Homey was it could replace my Harmony remote. I just had a remote, not the system. It works flawless though, but only standalone.

Ok, sorry, my misunderstanding about “Harmony over hedge” :wink:
But, actually they work together very well… and also there is new member in their gang now - Google. At least in my home - recommend.