Upgrade offer for Homey Pro (2019) to Homey Pro (2023)?

Hey guys!

Is there an upgrade offer if you want to change the Pro (2019) version to the new Homey Pro (2023) version?

I have used Zipato’s Zipabox. The intention is to replace it with Homey Pro (2019). However, I did not realize in time that the Homey Pro (2019) does not include an Ethernet connection. I took the Ethernet connection for granted, which of course is in every device like this.

The fixed Ethernet connection is a deal breaker. I can’t imagine upgrading my home automation core to a device that is entirely wireless. Especially when the Wi-Fi capability only works on a 2.4 Mhz frequency (= very easy to disrupt). In terms of other capabilities, compatibility, the number of supported devices and programmability, Homey is great.




That’s what I thought,

I don’t really consider a core home automation device that doesn’t have an Ethernet connection to be a “professional” solution. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My own fault, however, when I didn’t find out the matter thoroughly enough before I ordered the device. :face_exhaling:

Thank you

Even the new Homey Pro won’t be a professional solution :sweat_smile:

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Although a fixed ethernet connection is welcome (and much asked for), my Homey Pro 2019 had always worked flawlessly on wifi.
There aren’t much reports here about Homey loosing wifi connection here as well.

In my opinion you might overemphasise the importance of an ethernet connection.
Or sell your Homey 2019 and buy a Homey Pro 2023 instead; that one can be used with an (optional) ethernet adapter.
That costs you more of course, but you get a newer device with better specs and is more future-proof.


You are right :+1:

The question is more of a principle. I don’t want to give this up, because especially the Wifi network is too easy to disrupt.

For me, all devices related to security and the “core functions” of the home have depended on a wired connection.

I have to consider that Homey Pro (2023) for purchase. :money_with_wings:



I think that would be a wise consideration… :wink:

You are fully entitled to you opinion of course, but have to remark that Homey can not replace a professional alarm as well, if that is what you meant by “security”.

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I guess we’re not reading the same forum then.

Just because they’re not many reports doesn’t mean it’s not an issue. I’ve given up reporting here and to Athom connection and timeout issues because the diagnosis is usually missing. I’m usually just told “ptp” / 'reboot"… i.e. ‘forget it’ / ‘good luck’ / ‘not interested’.