Homey Pro (2023) - From wifi to ethernet, will backup save my system?

I have a Homey, model Pro early 2023, which is currently using wifi to connect to the internet. I want to start using the ethernet adapter, so a wired connection (in the hope that BLE will work better: the range now is rather poor).

From what I have read I will lose all my devices and flows as I have to factory reset the Homey Pro 2023. But I have a subscription to the back-up service…

After restarting the Homey Pro 2023 with the ethernet adapter connected and set up, can I import the latest backup from the cloud?
If so, will that go smoothly or is it a hassle?

It took me many hours to get my 30 devices and 15 (complex) flows to work and it will make me sad if I have to do it all over again …

No, you don’t. Just plug in the adapter and you’re good to go (apart from possibly some devices, notably Shelly’s, that may need to be reconfigured).

Oh…, is it that easy…
No setup, just plug-in the adapter (in the correct way :wink:).
I’ll give it a try.

Just to clarify the difference between Factory reset and Setup mode:

Not sure what and where you’ve read that, but just don’t press the pin for more than 8s :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Press the pin for 8s: setup mode. To enable/disable wifi, or read back a cloud backup for instance, nothing gets lost:
  • Press the pin for 30s: factory reset: you’ll lose everything: