Dirigera-hub support

There might be a new way of using IKEA Dirigera from Homey, via HomeKit Controller App för Homey | Homey Homey can become an Apple Home.

I have joined my IKEA Dirigera that way, and it worked.
However, I joined my TRÅDFRI Driver för trådlös styrning, grå, 30 W - IKEA, but it isnt working as a light yet. The developer of HomeKit Controller is working on the issue.

how is it achievable ?

I’ve tried to achieve this with HomeKit Controller as well, but I can’t make the DIRIGERA hub appear as a new device in the HomeKit Controller view. I’ve tried as suggested to open the “join to Home Kit” dialouge from the IKEA HOME app when trying to add a new HomeKit Controller device, but it only says that it cannot find any new devices.

Homekit aka. Home app for IOS recoqnize the Dirigera HUB with no hassle. I even tried the newest test version of Homekit Controller = 1.1.4, but nothing pops up.

Other things like restarting IKEA hub and clicking the “action button” on it, has neither got it to work. So as @ysa ask for: What is the instruction of doing this?

So, what i did:

  1. Installed the lastes testversion of HomeKit Controller App för Homey | Homey, currently 1.1.5.

  2. On my iPhone, in the IKEA Home Smart app starting the pairing process …

  3. On my iPad, checked on the logfile for HomeKit Controller that DIRIGERA is found.


  1. Went throug the standard process for adding a new device in Homey, selected HomeKit Controller and then my Dirigera.

Status right now is that I have my DIRIGERA, a TRADFRI transformer 30W and a TRADFRI control outlet added.

It works, but not perfect yet.
The developer of HomeKit Controller is working on the last details.


EDIT! A reboot of the Homey it self did the trick :grinning: :smiley:

Nice thanks @RickardDehlin :+1: just a control question: what’s your homey pro version? I have the old white rounded version of pro(2019?). Could this’ll be the cause I’m not able to do it? Since it’s not Matter inside?

Same here, Homey Pro 2019.

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How do you get the devices connected to Dirigera into Homey, after getting the Dirigera connected as HomeKit controller?

The same way as you added the bridge.
First add the bridge as described in the prvious post. Then just to be sure reboot homey.
Then you can add the rest of the bulbs etc through the same prcedure.
All devices should apear the same way as hte bridge did. Pretty simple.
One downside, you have to choose. Or Homekitt connection on ikea app, or added to homey. Added to both wont work.
So if you want to use homy , you have to add all of the devices manualy as i described here.

my idea is that athom/homey does not want to support ikea as they support hue. i also have new hub and use it on HA but Homey does not want to find it.

Your idea is incorrect, Athom basically just stopped making apps and relies on the community (and brands) to create apps.

that is what i did say.

Not really, you suggested that Athom favors Hue over IKEA.

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maybe you do not understand but in past time and until now hue bridge is on athom support. i said new ikea is not supported as hue bridge.

Have you asked IKEA when they release support for the announced Matter for their Dirigera hub?

Homey 2023 is ready for them so making an App would be waste of time if they provide Matter as they promised soon.

maybe my writing in not so good in english, sorry but i can not do better. i am dutch and writing is not perfect.

i did not but on ikea sites they say it would be later… when no idea and then it will only work on hp23 and not on hp19.

Hue bridge was already supported before Athom enabled ZigBee on the older homey pro’s, and they don’t want to offer 2 apps themselves, hence only bridge support (by Athom themselves).

Ikea only made ZigBee devices after Athom enabled ZigBee on Homey Pro’s (or rather, ZigBee support was added when Ikea was rolling out their first few ZigBee devices), and it was just a good sales pitch to be able to support Ikea ZigBee devices.
But the not wanting to offer 2 apps for 1 brand is still the case.

So as @Dijker already says, it is up to the community to create such an app for the Dirigera hub.


To your information, IKEA just announced that they have enabled Matter Bridge support on the Dirigera hub! This is a beta version, and you have to enable it in “The Workshop”. Read more here: Does the DIRIGERA hub supporting Matter? - IKEA United kingdom

PS! You need to update the IKEA app on your phone before you get access to this setting.

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