Device Unavailable invalid_node

I have a device (Aeotec Multisensor 6) that is now shown in Homey as “Device Unavailable invalid_node”.

Anyone know

  • Why might this have happened
  • How to recover it (without having to remove/re-install/lose all associated flows)?


Reset the Aeotec App. Check the battery.

Thanks I’ve restarted the app, and the exclamation mark and “invalid_node” still appear. It’s powered by a main adaptor so can’t be a battery issue.

Does this error message mean Homey is still seeing the device, but can’t talk with it?

Or is Homey remembering there was a device once with that node ID but can’t find it?

Or something else?

Yes, that will be the case, unpower the sensor for 30 minutes and try again, furter the powersupply or the sensor itselves could be defectif, and, if nothing else works, you can try to re- add it, there is a new app that can find the ID of your old device and can replace with the ID of the new or re-insttalled device, search for that app if you need it.

Any idea what it’s called? (search for Node, ID, Device didn’t find such an app)

It’s a script to be precise :wink: (apps haven’t got sufficient rights for replacing device ID’s), here’s the link @K_S :


Thanks, I’ll try to work out how to use it

I know this is an old topic. But I encounter the problem in a huge way. I issued a ticket to Athom, because the appreciated solutions above are way too difficult for me and my experience. I hope there are easy solutions for simple users like me who just want a working system and dont have weeks and weeks to rebuild 70% of their Homey?

This week I migrated from Pro 2019 to Pro 2023
Besides that a lot of one Zigbee devices were not found, a lot Z-wave devices give errors: Invalid Node xx.
At least all 21 Fibaro devices do not work anymore becaus of the node-error Also most zigbee devices were not found. I have no wish or time to rebuild everything including close to 100 flows.

Am i the only one?

No, as far as I know you’re not the only one with this problem. That’s why I suspect it’s a bug.
My recommendation is to switch back to the HP19 and wait to hear what Athom support has to report.

Before you switch back to HP19 please read this post first! Because if you already repaired the Zigbee devices on HP23, you have to re-ad them and repair all your flows.

This is also mentioned in the linked post.

Thanks Fantross,
I did take all the steps pointed out in the post by Dijker.
But: the ‘repair’ option did not work with any of my zigbee devices.
And most z-wave devices gave the node-error.

I did turn of the Pro 2023 and got back to the Pro 2019 already. So there is a lot to re-add. Homey Pro 2019 runs mostly again.
But: now the Aqara and Frient devices did not work anymore. I can’t even add them again to the Pro 2019 :cry:. 6 devices
Hours and hours work and a less working Pro 2019 makes me NOT happy :disappointed:.

Ill await what Athom has to say about the matter. On the site I read that this could take weeks. Even less happy :scream:.

Hi Willem,
this is also a known bug and according Athom support this bug will be fixed in the next firmware update. I was informed about this about 3 weeks ago. But no new firmware has been released since then.
Just for info, these are some threads according this bug:

If you didn’t re-add the Zigbee devices on the HP23 because repairing doesn’t work, then you don’t really need to re-add the Zigbee devices on the HP19. After starting HP19 again, all devices should be present and should be work.
To add the devices again, try the following:
– Restart the Aqara and Frient app
– Restart Homey

Thanks for your help Fantross,
I tried to readd the devices on the Pro 2023 after repair did not work (and before I noticed all Fibaro’s did not work either). But yesterday late I got them working on my Pro 2019 again.
I deleted the Aqara and Frient aps from my Pro 2019 and reinstalled them. After restarting the Homey, the Frient’s and Aqara’s could be added again. Repairing the flows was a bit of a nuicance: but my printscreens of the flows helped with that.
Your message of the upcoming firmware gives me hope. Thanks.
Do you think that could also reair the nodes-problem with z-wave on the 2023?

Good to hear, that HP19 is running again. I also take screenshots of my flows. :+1:t2:

I hope, but I don’t know. After I migrated from HP19 to HP23 I had no problems with my Z-Wave devices, also not with Fibaro devices (40 pieces). I observed the Z-Wave Network about 2 days and I didn’t recognized also no problems with the “too much traffic” issue. So I’m not in contact with Athom support regarding these Z-Wave issues.


@Willem59, today a new experimental firmware (Changelog) with many fixes for Zigbee has been released.

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THANK, and yeah, i noticed. I am happy…
Nothing about Z-wave, I saw.

Does anyone know if the Pro 2023 has a repair option for Z-wave too (like Zigbee)?
I forgot and -as I am running the 2019 now- i cannot check it quickly. Might be handy to have that for z-wave too?

There is node by node (ie 1 at a time) “heal” option at Homey Developer Tools, which sometimes works. “Reset” lower down that page is the nuclear option. You’d have to re-pair / install every z-wave device.

(Homey doesn’t have anything like the Fibaro controllers, where the repair attempts to re-optimise the entire z-wave mesh network in a non-destructive way)