Device Unavailable invalid_node

I have a device (Aeotec Multisensor 6) that is now shown in Homey as “Device Unavailable invalid_node”.

Anyone know

  • Why might this have happened
  • How to recover it (without having to remove/re-install/lose all associated flows)?


Reset the Aeotec App. Check the battery.

Thanks I’ve restarted the app, and the exclamation mark and “invalid_node” still appear. It’s powered by a main adaptor so can’t be a battery issue.

Does this error message mean Homey is still seeing the device, but can’t talk with it?

Or is Homey remembering there was a device once with that node ID but can’t find it?

Or something else?

Yes, that will be the case, unpower the sensor for 30 minutes and try again, furter the powersupply or the sensor itselves could be defectif, and, if nothing else works, you can try to re- add it, there is a new app that can find the ID of your old device and can replace with the ID of the new or re-insttalled device, search for that app if you need it.

Any idea what it’s called? (search for Node, ID, Device didn’t find such an app)

It’s a script to be precise :wink: (apps haven’t got sufficient rights for replacing device ID’s), here’s the link @K_S :


Thanks, I’ll try to work out how to use it