Cannot connect Aeotec Multisensor 6

Hi All,

I cannot link my Aeotec Multisensor 6 regardless of what I do. It connects instantly with my Smart things hub, but no luck so far with Homey. Any ideas?

So can you tell us more of where part of the inclusion process it fails and how you try included it?

First exclude the device from Homey, yes even it has never been included in Homey.

Tryed to set the Device to Factory Defaults before including? After that try/tryed a new inclussion with Homey?

Also looked in > Tools > Z-Wave if there is a “Unknown Device”?

Not much to say. I reset the device by longpressing the button, then I try to add it by pressing the button once or twice (led blinking green, respectively blue), but nothing. The app doesn’t see it.

It stays like this forever

How do I do that?

Try to pressing the Button on Aeotec three Times within 1.5 Seconds. During including the Device should be near to Homey.

If it is visible in Homey you can delete it on the Device-Card by tapping the Gear-Icon. Also take a look in Dev-Page for Unknown Device.

done that, not working… It’s like z-wave not working at all

Go to Developer page, Tools, Z-Wave, scroll down to Remove a device.

there’s no device listed on the Developer page

press REMOVE ANY NODE and folow the instructions.

I get a timeout error:

Keep the device very close to Homey (《10 cm) while pressing the button.

still the same timeout error

Never seen this kind of messages, sure you are on the right page?
You pressed the window REMOVE ANY NODE
You got the instructions to put the device in pairing/remove mode
You did press the pairing button on the device 3 times, device close to Homey
What happens than?

The AEOTEC app is installed?


  • I pressed the REMOVE ANY NODE button
  • pressed the pairing button 3 times - led blinking green
  • kept the sensor close to Homey

and then I get the timeout message
an yes, I have the Aeotec app installed

Sorry then I’m out of ideas, maybe any one else can help you?

Did u try the good old PTP alr?

While pressing the Button > Tryed it without Back-Cover so that you have to press the Pin under the Cover direct?

Your Steps are > Homey-App (Android or IOs) > Add Device > Aeotec > Multi-Sensor > Add.

When the Including-Screen (that with 1 and 2) comes up > Pressing Button on Aeotec.

Or did you other Steps?

What Color has the Led on Multisensor when pressing the Button? Green? Solid or Blinking?

I did exactly these steps. And the led is blinking green or blue (if I press twice)