Dedicated display per room to control smart devices

I have a specific question to the layout of my SmartHome system and have not been able to find THE answer in existing topics…
I have several smart devices in several rooms like up/down of roller shutter, temperature regulation/heating, on/off lights etc. I am looking for a solution where I can have a dedicated smart panel (or display) per room that is configured only to the devices in that room. Basically in lieu of single switches to turn on/off lights regulate the heat, window blinds etc. All devices can be equipped with the appropriate smart devices like switch, rgbw controller, etc.

The base smarthome hub will be Homey 2023 pro. Can I have single displays for each room to allow control of the smart devices in that room? E.g. room 1 has 1 display that allows to open window blind, lights, regulate temperature/heating or music for the devices associated and/or physically installed in room 1. Room 2 has lights, no music and just temperature control and controlled by display 2, physically installed there.

what would those panel be? E.g. wall mounted Ipads that I use only for this application and for room 1 and another for room 2?

Hope I got my point across.


When I understand your question right, this app can do the trick very well. Works on any device with a browser.
It doesn’t when the OS / browser is too old.

So could I deploy multiple screens/displays that will act as single control panels for individual rooms? All of them are configured through the Homey Pro system.

Indeed. You can create several dashboards.
One downside, you could, if you want, select a dashboard of an other room. Which would be useless, but I don’t know about to what point you want to make it idiot proof.
Here’s some of my dashboards. You could call them Room1, Room2, Room3 and so forth.

Another option: button+. Still in development (expected delivery in November). Every room can have it’s own customizable display with desired amount of customizable button bar’s.


Thanks for all the comments. Are there, besides button, other 3p display/app available that could be used to setup individual panels for rooms? Smart panels which would work with Homey.
Alternatively one could purchase several iPads and se them up per dashboard.

Shelly wall display is exactly what you are looking for.

Not sure if that panel is also working with non Shelly devices. I will have z-wave, zigbee, and other standards and the devices like switches are not Shelly products

Well, that’s exactly what homey is for. Make different protocols and brands work together.

You are right. I didn’t get that.

Fibaro has one panel. Not a display but multiple buttons on one device.

This device doesn’t seem to be compatible with Homey, at least not in the Shelly app on Homey.

The magic screen you’re looking for doesn’t exist on Homey at the moment. Many people have been looking for such a device for years, but it doesn’t exist. In my opinion, if a Homey-based home automation system is well configured and the user has a good understanding of how it works, there’s no need for such a screen. If you’re constantly having to check values and press buttons, your system is messed up.
Then, there are currently initiatives in this style or still in this style, which may be of interest to you.


According to the change log it’s been supported for a few months.
But I’m not sure how flexible it is, I get the feeling the possibility to customize the layout is rather limited.

Thanks for all the good discussion, very helpful.
For further clarification, I don’t look for a magic screen but for a modern replacement of all the traditional switchens one has at home and this wall panel will actuate/control all the smart devices in one room.
For example: if you have two rooms, each room has a switch for different lights, window blinds, heating/thermostat, maybe music, etc, and traditionally your wall is full of switches to actuate each single device, nowadays you can make them smart through smart controlers/switches etc. What I am looking for is something that looks like Shelly wall display but acts as a subhub of the homey system (or if not possible a little independent hub) and can manage z-wave,zigbee, wifi devices (eg. music) in each room. A wall display for each room that replaces all the traditional switches and allows to control the devices mentioned above. It is more about controlling devices than just display information (e.g. dashboard)
I understand that you pre-configure scenes, temperatures and lighting in your main smart hub application like Homey but let’s say you (your kids) want to open the blinds or dimming the light of a room you are in and that room is in the second floor. You have 4 options:

  1. use the traditional switch/dimmer in the room (even if you have a smart dimmer in between) - old fashion and you covering the wall with switches; gets complicated if you want control RGBWW strips but works in most cases
  2. Use the Homey smarthub main interface panel (e.g. Ipad) that is in the 1st floor - need to go down
  3. Use the Homey app from your phone - I left my phone in the first floor or I have kids w/o phone :frowning:
  4. having a local smart panel that lets you control the lights, window blind, music etc. directly in the room

I am looking for option #4 that looks&acts similar like Shelly but open to different devices (and ideally talks to the overall smart hub e.g. Homey). I am not sure if that exists at the moment.
The other option that comes to mind is that you have all the smart devices in one room and for each room a single smart hub panel. there are many of those on the market but most only support zigbee with their own proprietary app for configuration. Not sure if it is wise to have individual smart hubs for each room (even if they are from same manufacturer).

Sorry for the lengthy explanation but looking forward to y’all comments.

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I think there’s a misunderstanding on either end here, but I don’t see why Shelly wouldn’t work (except for perhaps being a bit inflexible). All Z-Wave and Zigbee devices must be controlled from the Homey anyway if you want any kind of automation so I don’t see the need for the Wall switch to use those protocols.

I am using a nspanel pro, running the smartdash app which is specifically build for homey (and optimized) for the nspanel pro.

Since you can configure the dashboard items yourself, you can make a room specific layout. You don’t use the zigbee of the nspanel pro, but you are using the zigbee, etc. protocols/antennas on the Homey Pro.

You can export/import dashboard layouts. Since you can choose to scroll down on the screen and use three different dashboardscreens, you can (if needed) create a screen for the room the panel is build in and use the other screens on that panel for devices in other rooms/floors. Some examples of my setup can be found in the topic about smartdash.

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Have you looked at Sharptools…
Maybe that is the solution…

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Thanks for all the feedback. Seems my solution goes towards a dashboard application + some sort of Ipad/Android tablet. I am thinking to create for each room a dedicated Dashboard that allows you to control each room individually. the individual tablets will display only the dashboard of the dedicated room.
It might be an overkill to buy so many tablets ($ wise) but will look for cheap options.

You can buy tablets for E100,- , which in case of Android often run older previous versions of the OS .The OS / Browser shouldn’t be too old. Issue is, what is “too old” for the dashboard in a browser… idk. I have a tablet with Android 7, and it won’t run sadly, no matter what browser I install.

When you compare E100,- for a tablet, to a set of decent JUNG dimmer switches and stuff, it is not really way more expensive in my eyes. And you get many more possibilities and switches, whatever is available!