Button+: a new display/switch device

This looks very promising!
At least a good concept and design. And I like how modular and expandable it is at a reasonable price…


And an interview with the maker:
(sorry, in Dutch only, please use Google Translate if needed)


I have pre-ordered a kit, so will hopefully get it around Oct. I hope it’s as good as it looks.


Ordered a display + 3 modules kit myself too. Since it works through mqtt, it should be simplish to integrate.


The maker of this device has just mentioned on the Tweakers link above that he is open to a developer wanting to create a Homey app for it.

Is there a Homey developer willing to investigate and/or create such an app?
I’d be happy to contribute and/or donate some!

For who wants to read this reaction (in Dutch, use Google Translate i.e.):
Click HERE and search for user “Satoer”.
Unfortunately I can not link to the exact reaction.


I have been in contact with the developer of the Button +, expressing an interest in developing an app and the reply was favourable.
So, I have started to play around with the simulator and I am considering ideas of how to implement an app.
If anyone has any thoughts on what they would like to see then feel free to chip in.
My initial thought is one Homey device per Button + kit that will provide Flow triggers for buttons and action cards to update status and displayed messages.
I could also add advanced settings to the device to configure the panels, so you don’t have to play around with the Button + web interface.


That is great news, @Adrian_Rockall! We know that such an app will be in good hands!

Seems to me you are heading in a great direction when the Homey app could be designed the way you suggest…

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That sounds great @Adrian_Rockall, and thank you @Henk_Renting for sharing this



Have ordered a display unit with 3 button bars in al kit with backplate and powersupply as well.
Very curious about it! :slight_smile:

Edit: and I would be happy to help you test or in any other way with a Homey app, @Adrian_Rockall

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This looks amazing. Keen to help with the app testing or development any way I can @Adrian_Rockall

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Will be there to test, once they arrive later in the fall.

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I’ve ordered one too…

One feature that might be nice is to be able to create a button hierarchy where pressing one button labelled say upstairs changed all six button labels to say Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Bathroom, etc effectively giving you a lot more buttons. Usable on all buttons if you get my drift.
Or maybe just one button that cycles through screens.

Actually a ‘press and hold’ might work well to enter extra hierarchies


Absolute great project! :heart:

Can someone tell me about the dimensions of base-, display- and bar-modules? I searched on the website, but didn`t find this details.


Ordered one also :slight_smile:

The simulator on the website is awesome to try this out. Connection with local mqtt broker works (websocket connection). Add your own device from within your account on the button page. Only problem at this moment is the display of values through local mqtt topics.

@Adrian_Rockall A dedicated homey app would be nice, especially if we could load/switch configuration files. That way you can change display and button layouts based on an event (button+ press for instance, or some in event in homey). Or to start a flow based on a button press.

The homey mqtt hub app seems to be a good alternative to connect all your sensors and switches to the button+

For Dutch readers there is a button+ thread on tweakers. The developer of button+ is contributing there also.

@Adrian_Rockall I think it would be nice if in this app we could configure which homey devices should be exposed (through mqtt) to button+ to be used on display and buttons. For instance capabilities like sensor value’s or switch on/off. Just like the above mentioned mqtt hub does for all homey devices. That way we don’t need to make flows for all value’s en switches we want to interact with button+ with.

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When I get you right, with MQTT Hub you can select individual devices already

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Would it be possible to display an icon as well?
It would be nice to show the waste container that is emptied that day.

I have been considering that approach but the problem is how to map a device capability to a specific button. The MQTT hub app just publishes the selection of devices to to the server, so the configuration of the Button panels needs to be setup for the required capability. There is also the issue that the click submission can’t change the message to toggle the options, etc. so it has to be handled within the app.
I have some ideas but it is early days, so Flows will be the first step.


I don’t think the Button + supports icons yet, but if and when it does I will add support.


Thx for your answer. I suppose you need to do communication from your homey app to button+ device through mqtt? And we still have to configure the button+ ourselves? Or are you thinking about generating the configuration json from homey app based on (advanced) settings? That would be “wow” :grinning:

Either way around, a standard mqtt topic naming scheme for publish and subscribe could solve this, as long as the button+ is configured the right way.

But you are right, start from ground with basic functionality first and build it up in an agile way…

@Adrian_Rockall another suggestion for homey app feature. Expose the build in thermostat sensor as thermostat device in homey.

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