Any COOL & NEW upcoming devices?

With the smarthome market growing fast there are just a lot of new devices and I can’t keep up registering everything and remembering when it’s arriving and whether it is usefull and can be added to Homey.

Also, there is (not in my knowlegde) no collective topic on new and exciting devices. Maybe it is nice to share upcoming devices here and talk about them how to implement.

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To kick off I’m waiting on the release of the Shelly 4pro plus. a DIN-rail mounted smart switch with energy measuring and 4x16A, instead of the 4x10A of the regular 4pro.

Connecting this in mij fuse box prevents having a ton of seperate wallsocket switches and its easy tio measure the power consumption of various groups.

maybe one of the cooler things to have come across is the aqara S! display. not much is known, if and when it is coming. price, availability, integration is also a big question mark. Even though this would be such a welcome device to view values and controll lighting/music/security etc.

I won’t get my hopes up, the chance this will be a homey product and do what it is cable of is very small. I’m really missing somekind of display/dashboard interface to control/view different values and status.

I would like to use this to display energy consumption, camera’s, control lighting, controlling music, display values as temp and humidity, weather and the list goes on. don’t mind me dreaming a bit :wink:

EDIT: s1 display is now available via Aliexpress!

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Plaese keep it in English language.