Has anyone seen this new LinknLink

I just saw it on kickstarter, looks like a rip off of homey!


It seems similar in a few ways particularly their flows view but it’s different too.
Very well priced…

Flow and dashboard are both very similar look and feel. I guess the hardware is quite a different prospect, incorporating a screen.

The screen (this one is on the wall) looks quite handy.
Would be nice instead of a smart thermo.
Especially when you can place a energy app as screensaver on it :slight_smile:
Maybe @Homey?

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No problem if they deliver a nice product, but they promise a lot in almost no time.
Athom did what they did in almost 8 ? years…

But I doubt who they are, zoom out on their contact adres or use the Chinees site,
or maybe Australia is moving I guess…

As I don’t see a current link with Homey (No promise for integration)
and subject of an intellectual property dispute

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Well, that didn’t take long!

Well, at homey there are a few dutch salary paid developers, against some handfulls indian or chinese underpaid ones. Things can go fast.

Paul Hibbert talks about it and appraises it as one of the 10 best home automation buys

He shows up a comparison chart , where linknlink claims Homey has no zigbee nor zwave :man_shrugging:t2:
Seems false advertisement where atom needs to take legal steps, but i have no idea how to contact Atom.

See comment from Athom on the kickstarter site comments. ~ 21 days ago…

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ah , ze zijn op de hoogte.

zou er geen cent voor geven deze kickstarter.

Ze copieren ook Aquara spullen, die zullen ook wel stappen zetten. Hoewel het lastig is tegen een chinees bedrijf te procederen.